My stand still stands

Wednesday, March 28 2007

Again, it is storming in the blogosphere and I frankly think the blogosphere likes a storm every now and again.

The sphere has reached a critical mass to create a blogomob, which is now raging around in the Kathy Sierra aftermath.

When I had read her post, I knew the following:

  • The threats she received must be severe enough for her (not you or me) to cancel Etech
  • Her post is an emotional out-pour, which is nothing wrong with that but it should also be regarded as such.
  • I do not have the full facts
  • I have to wait until the investigation by the authorities until everything can be reveled.

It was an excellent thing to speak out about the threats and raise the issue. Now it is has be high-jacked by bloggers that not only wants to be on the bandwagon but wants to stand on the top to get maximum attention.

The topic of out of line behaviors on blogs – is anyone talking about that? Not what I can see, it is mainly about the people, characters, trolls or whatever and if they are guilty or not. We do not know this yet and it is going to take months before we do. With all this pointing figures, if any of them turn out to be Not guilty or even Innocent … will that get same amount of attention?

My stand with everyone doing what they can when they come across out of line behavior and saying This is not acceptable still stand. Best way forward, really.

3 Responses to “My stand still stands”

  1. cap Says:

    I agree with you.

    But I still say that Slim’s blog sucks ass and that is not acceptable.


  2. lizze Says:

    LOL oh Cap 😉

  3. José A. Says:

    Let’s see what detective Lizze can find out