Some progress, excl the job hunt

Thursday, March 22 2007

Living in San Francisco is getting better. The last 6 months has been v lean and v basic. All this looking down of having material things, well I’d say that is from people have what they need without thinking about it or are on a martyr mission.

I miss not be able to go shopping and spending money. I do … not v PC, but that is the truth. Shopping is fun.

I have always been able to live after the size of my wallet & savings, self-preservation and that I don’t like to be in debt makes sure of that.

Our new sofa is arriving this weekend *yay* and it will fill up the living room … big time. When we bought our sofa for our London flat, we had serious space limitation … in getting the damn thing in the flat. Difficult to explain, but the entrance to our flat had two 90 degrees angles within a short space. Our sofa was basically the diagonal for the doorframe and the armrest had to be assembled in the flat.

Here in our SF flat, spaaaaacious!! And with a goods lift and the doors wide enough for armchairs. This time, we (aka I) could go all out. I added 6 inches = 15,24cm to the depth of one side of our L shaped sofa. That to me is luxury, to be able to curl up on a sofa and not almost falling out of it. The sofa also has a bed in it, so bring on everyone that wants to come and visit. First up, my in-law … they are also the reason why we had to get the sofa like now.

What do you think about this? In an email I receive today it had the question was “If this was your son, what would you do?” with this link … my answer is; I’d encourage him 🙂

3 Responses to “Some progress, excl the job hunt”

  1. cap Says:

    He’s cute! People get so worked up about stuff that is just not their concern. The comments on the video were all over the place.

    This not having a job thing is beginning to get to me. Yikes. 🙂

  2. lizze Says:

    The lad is good and has the X factor – no need to do the American Idol 🙂

    Not having a job is sucks and normally a job sucks too.

  3. Slim Says:

    Oh God! Another Michael Jackson in the making :-S

    I like my sofa BIG. or I’d rather stick to a bean bag.