Good on you, Mr Trump

Monday, March 19 2007

For going on record. Donald Trump is not wrong and is mostly right in what he says (minus the the self-mandatory-promotion). He comes across a genuine and means what he says.

2 Responses to “Good on you, Mr Trump”

  1. José A. Says:

    He is right about the opinion of Europeans about American policy but I am not sure if Bush Jr. is the worst president of the US, what about Truman and Nixon?
    As a curiosity, isn’t this man the owner of the Miss Universe contest? (apart from several companies)

  2. lizze Says:

    Yup, this is the man that owns the rights to Miss Universe. And Miss America I think 🙂

    The current president has taken the dislike of America and its politics to new heights. It all depends on the definition of “worst” but he has certainly not been an asset to the US and its reputation and respect abroad.

    Living in the US, I don’t think he represent the American people fairly. I know SF is different to the rest of the US, but the people in the street are fab!