O Michael, Where Art Thou?

Saturday, March 17 2007

All I know, he is not in a F1 car where he belong. Bah … BAH … BAH!!

The first major negative with living in the US is F1 doesn’t even exist here. Bah. But praise the internet, MH found a forum where one can download the qualifying and race *phew*

I have just watched the quali and it was bah. Where is he? Where is HE? MH, who doesn’t like Michael Schumacher, naturally seized the opportunity give me a dig. He pointed out that I should not idolize anyone but god. Look here Mr, Michael exist, is supreme and definitely worth idolizing.

So these are the muppets left in F1 and my take on them on their Aussie quali:

1. RAIKKONEN Ferrari … you better not have short fueled and you better get some real results in. But I am still not sure if I want you to win.

2. ALONSO McLaren … nope, I will never cheer for you

3. HEIDFELD BMW … hmmm, this is an improvement – can you keep it up?

4. HAMILTON McLaren … well done, I am impressed

5. KUBICA BMW … this guy I like and I hope he can keep it up. Stay away from the F1 politics which only brings down the rookies.

6. FISICHELLA Renault … what are you still doing here? Waste of space.

7. WEBBER Red Bull … the new David Coulthard – no this is not a compliment

8. TRULLI Toyota … aka the road blocker. How can Toyota give him a multi-year contract? Its beyond my comprehension

9. SCHUMACHER Toyota … right, wrong Schumacher, I think he is occasional good and need to be super all the time

10. SATO Super Aguri … kamikaze F1 driver and don’t do being lapped v well

11. DAVIDSON Super Aguri … hope you will have a great year!

12. ROSBERG Williams … did well in the beginning of last season. I don’t like his dad cos he was spreading lies about Michael last year.

13. KOVALAINEN Renault … who?

14. BUTTON Honda … another David Coulthard wannabe. Only do the talking and not the driving.

15. WURZ Williams … like this guy for the illogical reason that he did a good run with Michael in Monaco a couple of years back. Glad to see that he got another chance.

16. MASSA Ferrari … 16th? gearbox failure?? where is the Ferrari reliability??? drove well last year, let see what you can do this year

17. BARRICHELLO Honda … mate you need to on with it

18. SPEED Toro Rosso … will he have a good year? I hope so but only so F1 can become big here in the US and get better coverage.

19. COULTHARD Red Bull … looooooooser – don’t like at all

20. LIUZZI Toro Rosso … like and he is entertaining and I hope he will have an interesting year.

21. SUTIL Spyker … who?

22. ALBERS Spyker … first out man on the quali.

O Michael, Where Art Thou ????????????

5 Responses to “O Michael, Where Art Thou?”

  1. Cap Says:

    Who? Michael Jackson? What?

    Watch basketball. It’s March Madness!

  2. lizze Says:

    Another Formula 1 post and it is about Michael Schumacher 🙂

    The basketball was on in the sportbar before the F1 … two different crowds. Indiana vs USLA, close ending.

  3. Jay Says:

    Oh! I am not a die hard MS fan and I am glad at that. 🙂 used to be once tho…

    Yup such non glossy ppl left in the race now/// Where is the rivalry :(… Hopefully, Button is gonna live up to all the hype and give us some real results.

    OH Honda sucks and the big three have all the drivers ummm I wd say .. “oh! yeah right”

  4. lizze Says:

    I feel lost without him. and confused … dunno who to cheer for … not enjoying it as much as before

  5. Slim Says:

    Bah, F1… 🙄

    Its just going in circles in a larger-than-normal go-kart at 300 mph. I’m gonna try my hand at it ;D. Maybe I could be the next sensation.