Builder’s tan

Tuesday, March 13 2007

Ah yes, that is what I accomplished today. Heh, well is that one way to put it? It has a been a couple of gorgeous sunny days here in SF and I have felt this urge to be outside in the sun.

I walked to a lunch with a girlfriend, we sat out in the sun (lovely lunch btw) and I walked back = 2 hours. When I was home, it was cooler inside so I went outside again with my laptop (our wifi reaches that far!)Sunshine

The wind is still cold (if I can call it that) so after an hour or so, it was time to head back to the flat. And the RED started to appear. On 4/5 of my arms and a red area that is a 100% same pattern as my cleavage from my top. And I am kind of plz’d … it is 13 March and I am getting sunburned. I like the novelty of it. In a normal place … like not living in sunny CA … and I go on hols, I would smack on 30 spf and be v careful. Now I am adding layers of “After Sun”.

On tomorrow’s To Do list is to stock up on some sunblocks etc

Tomorrow is also a very important day re our visas.

3 Responses to “Builder’s tan”

  1. Jay Says:

    me goin for a lot of “after sun layers”…. a desert safari… hooo and b4 that will have a beach party too.

    U r not bad with the camera.

  2. Slim Says:

    Hmm, how hot does it get in SF? I’m just bracing myself to survive the 40+ degree celcius summer thats just a month away 🙁

  3. lizze Says:

    thx Jay … enjoy your after school time 🙂

    slim … uhm around 20 degrees? more stronger sun then I expected then being hot.