A Day in San Francisco

Sunday, March 4 2007

Yesterday, it was a sunny day and we decided to go out for a long walk. To clear our minds of the recent travel, stress and various dramas.

San Francisco showed itself on the very best side and also had a great unpredictability to it.IMG_1671

A convention going on here? 🙂 Always one in SF!

We sat down here to have a light lunch and these people came towards up and I saw the woman in green/blue dress (who is she suppose to be???) first and said out load “Is this that a SciFi thing going on?”

Afterwards, we continued to walk, we came to Chinatown and they were celebration the Chinese New Year.IMG_1687

We walked around here for a bit and felt it was very similar to Shanghai and completely different to London’s Chinatown.

Next stop was Washington Sq, where we sat down and enjoyed the sun. It was entertaining to sit and watch people and the dogs playing.IMG_1696

Compare this to where I was a few days ago


6 Responses to “A Day in San Francisco”

  1. JAL Says:

    It’s amazing to see how everybody is wearing short-sleeves on the grass in February, even more than finding princess Leia on your way!

  2. lizze Says:

    I didn’t dare to take a pic of the two blokes laying almost infront of me … in shorts. I walked around in a skirt (and a few more items of clothes) today. It is lovely!

  3. Slim Says:

    Its amazing how one day you were in snow, and the next, awesome weather! I envy you 🙁

    Oooh… that sci-fi chick seems to be hot. Too bad she has her back turned 🙁

    Great pics! I bet this day out would have cleared out your minds a lot!

  4. Jay Says:

    “then, she moved on and entered indian chor bazaar. It looked more like Mumbai than Southhall. There was this guy Slim who came from behind and poured a bucket of colored water on me. Then two other hands rubbed some irritating color on my cheek. My camera got damaged so, I don’t have pics to show. Indians were celebrating some festival called Holi in the place.”

    Do u realize now .. what u have missed !!

  5. Cap Says:

    Looks like a gorgeous day! 🙂

  6. lizze Says:

    jay … wtf? que? huh?

    cap – it was! 🙂 and I needed it too