Travel pics

Friday, March 2 2007

I have uploaded my pic and I definiatly prefer Picasa before Flickr when it comes to arranging and changing them. Flickr is better for the blogging and linking though. I have done two new sets over at my Flickr.

The flash is picking up the snowflakesSnowing

And here the focus is on the rain (former snow fakes) on the windscreen rather then on the man on the bike.Man on a bike

More in the Flickr set Tunnel Driving – but it was so unexpected and really cool of the architects to do this.IMG_1585

Police transport and one of the horses where playing up.A day in London

London traffic at lunch time (off peak)A day in London

Oh yes, these are as yummy and filled with calories as they look like … but ever so yummy.Yum x 2

5 Responses to “Travel pics”

  1. Jay Says:

    damn nice pics…… Lizze.. and welcome back.. from wherever u went :P.

  2. lizze Says:

    thx Jay … I went back to the homeland 😉

  3. Slim Says:

    Oh, now I realize why Flickr wasn’t loading for me yesterday… I had Azureus AND uTorrent running in the background… d’oh! Awesome pics! I really like the tunnel one!

  4. lizze Says:

    Why do you have both Azereus and uTorrent going at the same time?

    Thx – now I wish I had recorded the drive in the tunnel on my camera and done a YouTube clip of it instead. Hindsight eh?

  5. Slim Says:

    I’m seeding one important torrent on Azureus and I’m not quite sure how to switch that to uTorrent… I’m quite new to torrents, you see 😛

    Ah, it would have been great if that were a video!