Kathy Sierra: Radio interview

Thursday, March 29 2007

Kathy Sierra has done a radio interview, which you can find here, which I picked up from the blog “confessions of a jersey goddess“.

The reporter didn’t ask sufficient enough what the nature of the threats she has received. I feel this is vital part and also to find the persons behind these threats. Maybe for legal reason this could not be said, but then I would like to have heard that.

She makes a short reference that not much help is to be expected from the police. I certainly hope that she has not just gone in to local police station and that’s it. A Federal investigation is needed. If there is not consequences for handing out threats, then these moron bloggers will have a field day.

She also says:

“Certainly I feel they have crossed a line,…, it was probably not a legal line”

This statement is significant. If the correspondence she has received is not illegal, well then … what can be done? First, lets give the legal system a chance to investigate and has it course.

In the meantime, the bloggers need to self-police and set the tone what is acceptable. But no blogomob mentality will ever solve the core problem, in the long-run that would lead to a PC censorship of the camp which has the most followers.

And everybody’s line and level of tolerance are different.

It is clear, after listening to the interview, Kathy Sierra fears that her life is in danger.

My stand still stands

Wednesday, March 28 2007

Again, it is storming in the blogosphere and I frankly think the blogosphere likes a storm every now and again.

The sphere has reached a critical mass to create a blogomob, which is now raging around in the Kathy Sierra aftermath.

When I had read her post, I knew the following:

  • The threats she received must be severe enough for her (not you or me) to cancel Etech
  • Her post is an emotional out-pour, which is nothing wrong with that but it should also be regarded as such.
  • I do not have the full facts
  • I have to wait until the investigation by the authorities until everything can be reveled.

It was an excellent thing to speak out about the threats and raise the issue. Now it is has be high-jacked by bloggers that not only wants to be on the bandwagon but wants to stand on the top to get maximum attention.

The topic of out of line behaviors on blogs – is anyone talking about that? Not what I can see, it is mainly about the people, characters, trolls or whatever and if they are guilty or not. We do not know this yet and it is going to take months before we do. With all this pointing figures, if any of them turn out to be Not guilty or even Innocent … will that get same amount of attention?

My stand with everyone doing what they can when they come across out of line behavior and saying This is not acceptable still stand. Best way forward, really.

Just now in San Diego, one of the world’s most influential tech conference is kickin’ off: Etech. It is basically Who’s who within the tech industry.

One speaker, Kathy Sierra, had to cancel. Why? Because of the death treats she has received for the last 4 weeks. They must have been v bad … so bad that she is canceling to speak at such a significant conference.

Offline and online, we let the bullies, the aggressors, the morons get too much space and say-so. We, the majority of good and normal people, need to speak up and say This is not acceptable.

Major bloggers such as Robert Scoble and Mike Arrington are saying enough is enough. But you can do something too, next time you are reading your fav blog or a forum post and you see a rude / out of line comment towards the author or other readers – post a comment back saying saying This is not acceptable. These morons count on our silence. Let’s not be silence anymore.

This blog is under a handle and I chose not to put my real name to it. The reason? It would definitely hurt my career and also limit my ability to say what I want. My career is not within the internet/tech industry, it is the conservative world of Finance.

Another reason is that the internet is full of nutters and I am not inclined to give them anything to play with as I would not give anything away in the offline world.

I am a small time blogger, not really looking to be a A-list so I think there is a very small chance I would be harassed by the mob. But I still can use my small voice and say This is not acceptable when it is needed. Don’t be silence anymore!

Brilliant British humor

Saturday, March 24 2007

Plz see them in order 🙂

Some progress, excl the job hunt

Thursday, March 22 2007

Living in San Francisco is getting better. The last 6 months has been v lean and v basic. All this looking down of having material things, well I’d say that is from people have what they need without thinking about it or are on a martyr mission.

I miss not be able to go shopping and spending money. I do … not v PC, but that is the truth. Shopping is fun.

I have always been able to live after the size of my wallet & savings, self-preservation and that I don’t like to be in debt makes sure of that.

Our new sofa is arriving this weekend *yay* and it will fill up the living room … big time. When we bought our sofa for our London flat, we had serious space limitation … in getting the damn thing in the flat. Difficult to explain, but the entrance to our flat had two 90 degrees angles within a short space. Our sofa was basically the diagonal for the doorframe and the armrest had to be assembled in the flat.

Here in our SF flat, spaaaaacious!! And with a goods lift and the doors wide enough for armchairs. This time, we (aka I) could go all out. I added 6 inches = 15,24cm to the depth of one side of our L shaped sofa. That to me is luxury, to be able to curl up on a sofa and not almost falling out of it. The sofa also has a bed in it, so bring on everyone that wants to come and visit. First up, my in-law … they are also the reason why we had to get the sofa like now.

What do you think about this? In an email I receive today it had the question was “If this was your son, what would you do?” with this link … my answer is; I’d encourage him 🙂

Good on you, Mr Trump

Monday, March 19 2007

For going on record. Donald Trump is not wrong and is mostly right in what he says (minus the the self-mandatory-promotion). He comes across a genuine and means what he says.

O Michael, Where Art Thou?

Saturday, March 17 2007

All I know, he is not in a F1 car where he belong. Bah … BAH … BAH!!

The first major negative with living in the US is F1 doesn’t even exist here. Bah. But praise the internet, MH found a forum where one can download the qualifying and race *phew*

I have just watched the quali and it was bah. Where is he? Where is HE? MH, who doesn’t like Michael Schumacher, naturally seized the opportunity give me a dig. He pointed out that I should not idolize anyone but god. Look here Mr, Michael exist, is supreme and definitely worth idolizing.

So these are the muppets left in F1 and my take on them on their Aussie quali:

1. RAIKKONEN Ferrari … you better not have short fueled and you better get some real results in. But I am still not sure if I want you to win.

2. ALONSO McLaren … nope, I will never cheer for you

3. HEIDFELD BMW … hmmm, this is an improvement – can you keep it up?

4. HAMILTON McLaren … well done, I am impressed

5. KUBICA BMW … this guy I like and I hope he can keep it up. Stay away from the F1 politics which only brings down the rookies.

6. FISICHELLA Renault … what are you still doing here? Waste of space.

7. WEBBER Red Bull … the new David Coulthard – no this is not a compliment

8. TRULLI Toyota … aka the road blocker. How can Toyota give him a multi-year contract? Its beyond my comprehension

9. SCHUMACHER Toyota … right, wrong Schumacher, I think he is occasional good and need to be super all the time

10. SATO Super Aguri … kamikaze F1 driver and don’t do being lapped v well

11. DAVIDSON Super Aguri … hope you will have a great year!

12. ROSBERG Williams … did well in the beginning of last season. I don’t like his dad cos he was spreading lies about Michael last year.

13. KOVALAINEN Renault … who?

14. BUTTON Honda … another David Coulthard wannabe. Only do the talking and not the driving.

15. WURZ Williams … like this guy for the illogical reason that he did a good run with Michael in Monaco a couple of years back. Glad to see that he got another chance.

16. MASSA Ferrari … 16th? gearbox failure?? where is the Ferrari reliability??? drove well last year, let see what you can do this year

17. BARRICHELLO Honda … mate you need to on with it

18. SPEED Toro Rosso … will he have a good year? I hope so but only so F1 can become big here in the US and get better coverage.

19. COULTHARD Red Bull … looooooooser – don’t like at all

20. LIUZZI Toro Rosso … like and he is entertaining and I hope he will have an interesting year.

21. SUTIL Spyker … who?

22. ALBERS Spyker … first out man on the quali.

O Michael, Where Art Thou ????????????

Builder’s tan

Tuesday, March 13 2007

Ah yes, that is what I accomplished today. Heh, well is that one way to put it? It has a been a couple of gorgeous sunny days here in SF and I have felt this urge to be outside in the sun.

I walked to a lunch with a girlfriend, we sat out in the sun (lovely lunch btw) and I walked back = 2 hours. When I was home, it was cooler inside so I went outside again with my laptop (our wifi reaches that far!)Sunshine

The wind is still cold (if I can call it that) so after an hour or so, it was time to head back to the flat. And the RED started to appear. On 4/5 of my arms and a red area that is a 100% same pattern as my cleavage from my top. And I am kind of plz’d … it is 13 March and I am getting sunburned. I like the novelty of it. In a normal place … like not living in sunny CA … and I go on hols, I would smack on 30 spf and be v careful. Now I am adding layers of “After Sun”.

On tomorrow’s To Do list is to stock up on some sunblocks etc

Tomorrow is also a very important day re our visas.

At the beach

Saturday, March 10 2007

I can’t wait until it is getting even warmer and come back to Ocean Beach. It is only a bus / MUNI ride away. Today, we went for a beach walk. Strangely, it was warmer and clearer sky in downtown SF then at the coast.

I continued to play with my camera when I came home. Dog-e that was charged up from his sleep, which has lasted for months and months.

Looking …

Wednesday, March 7 2007

I am back to looking for jobs and … nothing yet. Mainly registering on websites directly at major corporations but the main effective part is get talking to people. Agencies are not really option cos of the time lag between the application and starting the job … and they get paid. The visa deadline is fast approaching and I am being realistic (=not optimistic).

After reading up on things, I found out one good fact which will be a good back-up when needed. No thanks to our lawyer but he confirmed that I was right.

Another good thing is that going to the gym is less boring the job hunting so I am doing that 🙂

I am still loving all the sunshine here – that is all goooood.

The other day I saw something that impressed me and made me pleased to see. We were at the grocery store Trader’s Joe, a member of staff walked around with a blind man and helped him with is shopping. I have never seen that anywhere.