Not blogging much part II

Tuesday, February 27 2007

Heh … that is a lazy title. Do you have any problem coming up with a title when you do posts on your blog? To me, it comes quite easy and I like that part of writing. Well, I like all the parts of blogging.

Even a spam that I received the other day where someone had written a manual spam email. Y’know clicked on the About page, copy & pasted my email, called me Liz (which only slim does btw and he is currently looking into the benefit of being a dog) and went on to asked if I have received the form and how things where going in Christchurch. Love, if you had read my blog (fair assumption since you call me Liz) you would have known that I think that religion is the root to most evils in our world and would never ever join any religion. But some kundos to you for a manual spam – how saddo am I?

I never really got used to walking in snow and used the Geisha step method not to fall over. I did slip a few times and my dear camera dot airborne and fell in the snow. And that was a blessing compared to the asphalt.

I am missing San Francisco a bit and I think that is a healthy and good thing. It means I have settled in and like the place. We will be heading back soon.

3 Responses to “Not blogging much part II”

  1. Cap Says:

    I’m GREAT at coming up with titles. That’s sometimes the best part of my posts.

  2. Slim Says:

    Hehe, must have been some Nigerian trying to earn money desperately. I have some problems coming up with catchy titles, so my blog doesn’t do well in Google searches 🙁

    And I’m not considering becoming a dog anymore… more on that in a new post sometime soon!

  3. lizze Says:

    Uhm, I actually don’t consider Google searches aspect when I write my titles. I do it when it comes to things that I have searched after and had difficult finding.

    No becoming a dog? That is the dog bollocks (UK expression … do you know what that means??)