Not blogging much

Saturday, February 24 2007

Quite frankly, I am busy eating and learning how to walk in snow again. I had such a nice dinner yesterday, and I am still full. I ate too much … and I put in a real stellar effort to do so. This nice food won’t come my way in a long time again.

I have meet up with my friends, and they are such nice group of friends. And they started asking question about my blog. I told one of my friend about this blog and she usually reads it out when she is sitting in a dull meeeting. Ahhh bless. So now the others want to read it too – bring on the dull meetings 🙂 I also went shopping with my partner in crime which was v fun. We can convinence each other to justify any purchase if necessary.

And now to the weather …
It ignored me to some extent *tsk*. Not so much snow, but the wind … the wind goes through all the clothes, straight to the bone marrow and do a polk dance there. And I moaned – to everyone.

I have taken some pics but that will be uploaded in a couple of days time. I will bore you then about it.

3 Responses to “Not blogging much”

  1. sam Says:

    You need a leather jacket 😀 Windproof and very warm 😀

  2. erin Says:

    are you still in london?

  3. lizze Says:

    I am still in London but will be back in SF soon 🙂 … I have not had good access to da interweb lately but now it is better now.