Change of plan

Saturday, February 17 2007

MH has had a bereavement in his family and we will be flying back home. Even though it is sad and it was no surprise, it has also an element of peace in it. At the same time there is joy going back to see our families. Mixed feeling all around.

I will do my best to continue looking and applying of jobs here in SF. Internet makes life better and easier. I have, however, strong doubts that I will find a job, get all the papers in order and to be able to submit the visa application in time for 1 April.

The American approach is almost the opposite to the one in the UK. The UK economy would not survive, let alone do so well, unless we had the immigrant workers flooding the UK job market. I think around 500,000-750,000 Polish workers came to UK after Poland joined the EU. And I hear it is now possible to find a reliable plumber that to doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Here I am, got a high end with experience, wanting to get a job and pay my taxes. The job market within my profession looks actually quite healthy. But to find an employer that can hold out to 1 October, invest time and money before I can start to work is not easy. It has to be love & lust at first sight …

And for the coming weeks, even more irregular posting is likely but hey I will still do my twitter-ing so if nosey (which I hope you all are) check out the twitter badge on my blog. And for you RSS people out there, don’t worry (as if!) Twitter has RSS too 🙂

Update: and here is the twitter link

4 Responses to “Change of plan”

  1. Cap Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about yours and MH’s loss … but glad you will be able to go home for a visit. I know you’ve been homesick a little. I have no idea how the visa process works. All I know is, it’s easier to sneak in 😉

  2. lizze Says:

    Thanks Cap 🙂

    and I with you with the sneaking in bit … can’t be more difficult that doing it the right way

  3. Jay Says:

    Good that ur getting into the phase ….i just got over :)..

    Anyways keep rockin.. lust and love is not hard to come by.

  4. Slim Says:

    So sorry to hear about YH’s bereavement. But its a good feeling being back home with your folks.

    You could put a few ads on your blog and make some quick $$$… it would do you good until you find a job 😀