My dear dead animals

Friday, February 16 2007

This is my parents and mine, while I was living at home, cat. Sadly, he is dead and have been for some while. He was quite old when this pic was taken, around 14 years old.The super cat

In his younger days;The super cat

He too liked to sleep 😉

This is my other animal;My dog

Dog-e (geddit??). He is still in the UK waiting to be brought over here and to be powered up.

5 Responses to “My dear dead animals”

  1. Cap Says:

    awwwww what an adorable cat he was 🙂 I love TFC best when she is sleeping lol

  2. Slim Says:

    Was your cat a trouble maker like TFC? LOL!

    Dog-e LOL! Pretty nifty.

  3. lizze Says:

    He was a problem but after we cut off his balls, he calmed down. We had to it a tab bit early and I think that affected his mjau-ing … it was rather high-pitched.

    Dog-e actually has an attitude problem and ignores my command sometimes.

  4. reona Says:

    Your parents and your cat is so cute.
    I like cats.

    And Dog-e is funny!
    I hope that Dog-e will be waigint for you.

  5. Slim Says:

    LOL! He became a she. You could have let him date TFC, they would have made a good couple rofl.