Sleep, I love it but …

Sunday, February 11 2007

I find it difficult to keep my sleep in check and fit in to the norm. I am not a 24 hour body clock, more like 26-27 hour clock. With no fixed routines, I will gradually change ‘my day’. I am a night person and when given a chance, I’d be awake during the night.

Falling a sleep is my biggest difficulty. I wish I knew how to fall asleep quickly … or just how it is happens. I never know if it is going to take 30 min or 3 hours.

My saving grace is that once I am a sleep, I can continue to sleep. I hardly wake up during the night.

Then there is the next issue – to wake up. That doesn’t come easy to me either. I hate waking up. But one of the things I hate more is being late. So this work when I had a job, I got up in time and went on autopilot. But now, well, I am undisciplined. I can make promises to myself and have the best intentions but I often let myself down. I can felt guilty for not getting up and still ignore it.

Why is sleep so seductive? Why does I feel I have to struggle with it? Most nights when I can’t fall asleep, my thought is “I love to sleep when yet I can’t fall asleep”

And why is our society so strict and inflexible when it comes to what the day rhythm should be? Why is it like this? I know for a certain that 9-5 thing does not fit me but I have to make myself fit into it.

12 Responses to “Sleep, I love it but …”

  1. Cap Says:

    I love sleep. It used to take me at least an hour to fall asleep, no matter how tired I was, but now it takes just a few minutes. It always took a long time, even when I was a kid. I don’t know what changed. Maybe I’m old. No, that couldn’t be it. 🙂

  2. Cap Says:

    Pssst. Are you asleep?

  3. lizze Says:

    heh funny 🙂

    I have been good today, up early and went even to the gym. Now I just have to keep it up

  4. JAL Says:

    I recognize myself in your post!

  5. lizze Says:

    JAL – thx for the comment, it means a lot to me. Sleeping is something that many complains about but rarely talks about.

    It is now 00.38 and I am about to go to bed. Hope sleeps comes quickly tonight. And for you too.

  6. Slim Says:

    Liz, you sound like I possessed you and posted this blog from your brain/soul/body whatever! Every single line on there applies to me.

    What I do is, I stay away from this “system”. It’s all non-existant… all this 9-5 thing, fast paced world, neo-ultra-modern-space age… its all hype and unnecessary necessities (??). I don’t follow one bit of this system, I do what I want to do. And that is sleep 😀 . Sleep when I want, wake up when I want and do what I like, even if it would mean I’d be called a moron and unsociable. Guess this is the reason I don’t get the ladies? 🙁

  7. erin Says:

    lizze, maybe this (from yesterday’s nytimes) would fit nicely in with your lifestyle:

  8. lizze Says:

    slim – sleep is odd ‘struggle’ but since most people have to work then there is little choice.

    erin – the study has a point and in Italy, Spain, Greece they have the culture still to take the afternoon nap. Maybe it would make me normal 🙂

  9. Incognito Says:

    You depressed Lizze? Sometimes excessive desire to sleep is symptomatic of depression.
    I too have a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep. Have had that almost all my life. Factor in a very active dream life and it makes for a very tiring day.

    If you have trouble falling asleep, try reading a boring book before you go to bed. Or read something spiritual. Nothing stimulating. Don’t drink caffeine at night. Um. If you have a hard time shutting off the mind. Try writing down all the things going on in your head. And definitely don’t go to bed if you have something on your mind without trying to resolve it. Milk or chamomile tea before bed is good. And there are some aromatherapy oils that you can rub on your nose before bed.
    Good luck!

  10. lizze Says:

    This ‘stuggle’ is something that I have had most of my life so I wouldn’t say that I am depressed but thanks very much for asking :).
    In fact, I am enjoying, almost too much, this freedom with time and my instincts are telling me that I am on dangerous territory. I need to pull up my socks and get back to normality.

    I discovered recently the writing down anything that is on my mind while trying to sleep. It helps. Lavender essential oil is a blessing. And no Diet Coke one hour before bed time, at least.

  11. Incognito Says:

    Sounds like you are doing everything right. I too have had troubles ever since college. Thats’ way too many years.
    Funny the night I wrote my comment.. I had a terrible time falling asleep. Oh well.
    And if I have to get up really early for a trip or a shoot, forget sleeping the night before. I think I get stressed about not hearing the alarm go off. Am going to try, next time, putting 2 alarms. That might help.
    I use 2 essential oil combos specifically for sleep troubles. I also have a sound machine I use that helps cut out extraneous noise.
    Here’s to all the poor people who have troubles sleeping!

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