Title needed

Friday, February 9 2007

I could say that I have been holding Cap in suspense with this post but I have no clue what I am going to write about yet.

Rip off aka inspiration from Sam are these 1 (ok since I now live here heh) and 2 highbrow and the end bit has not yet clicked.

Earlier in the week, I had to buy a suit for (hopeful) coming interviews. In short, where is a Dorothy Perkins when I need one? Certainly not here in the US πŸ™ I have office clothes … back in the UK. I left them there since the plan was to go home over Xmas.

I finally got some proper highlights done and it turned much better then last time. No true colours are showing πŸ˜‰

MH has a natural knack for locking after sick people. Much better then me. He knows when to do “Are you alright, mate?” and leave someone alone to have some vulnerable me time. A friend came by and turned puking-sick-can’t-move and had to stay the night. It was bad but we could take advantage having been UK tax payers and call up the health service to ask for advise. With Public service etc there is a website to consult as well: nhsdirect.co.uk. In short, after vomiting let the stomach rest an hour before trying to drink some water – I know from personal experience.

MH has also totally grossed me out *YUCK* so he is not all goody goody – need to get that in so nothing goes to his head.

So we have lost an reality celeb today, Anna Nicole Smith. You must who she is … she made it on BBC (!!) front page – unbelievable … otherwise enjoy the Google search images. Are you surprised that it happened … not that it was today but in general? Poor kid. Is her daughter going to get the $bn? Must be a lot of vultures around. Poor kid.

I’ve been watching some old Beverly Hills 90210 episodes. The clothes are the highlight to watch. OMG. Society has improved.

7 Responses to “Title needed”

  1. Cap Says:

    I was holding my breath waiting for you to post. I passed out and hit my head and Cartman hugged me. It wasn’t pretty and it’s pretty much all your fault. πŸ™

    Anyway, I misread your link. I thought it said Dorothy Parker and I wondered why you would need a dark, sarcastic, bitter writer who happens to be dead to advise you about clothes … and then I realized it said Perkins, not Parker.

    I giggled at the first link. “Dude. What the fuck?” I didn’t understand the other website at all. The 5th Dimension was a music group in the 60’s and that’s really all I need to know πŸ™‚

  2. lizze Says:

    Awww a hug from Cartman. So cute, am sure you liked it really. Cap, YouÒ€ℒre so silly! πŸ˜‰

  3. Cap Says:

    I lied. I just said I passed out, hit my head and Cartman hugged me to make you feel bad for procrastinating your post. Did it work? πŸ˜€

  4. Cap Says:

    PS I’m going to fix your link so that it says “Internet Thrift Store” I crack myself up πŸ™‚

  5. lizze Says:

    I was getting real worried that you hadn’t noticed my little tribute to your fab comment.

    Actually I was going to write a (better) post about MH when he dealt with our puking friend. He was great, I was not. I sat on the kitchen counter, drinking Diet Coke, and staying out of the way. I can look after friends that I really care about otherwise I find it difficult to generate some genuine response. MH comment was that I am not v maternal. Give a cat and I will go all coo-ey.

    Cap – do you do IM? I have forced slim to be a buddy and now I want you πŸ™‚

  6. lizze Says:

    And no your lie didn’t work but what did was your comment on previous post … it gave a 24 hour blogging block. I walked around thinking “shit I have to write something, Cap demands it”
    your powers are weird

  7. Jay Says:

    Hrr hrrr..

    I too got a new Van Heusen for upcoming interviews. Was really scared after hearing about a few stories that how some I Banks refused interviewing ppl after looking at their suits :(.

    and oh yeah .. know Anna… used to stalk her through little clippings in the newspaper 7-8 years back …about.. how she meets her old old old multimillionaire husband in a topless bar .. and eventually …he dies soon and she gets his money:)