Al’right Sunday Times

Tuesday, January 16 2007

The (conservative?) Sunday Times has a great interview with the members of Pirate Bay.

This is best part of the article:

Sailing into the Pirate Bay – how the system works

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is an innovative means of distributing large digital files. Most file-sharing services work on a one-to-one basis. File sharers find the file they want — usually on someone else’s computer — decide to download it, and the file is slowly transferred.

Not so with BitTorrent, which takes data from many computers simultaneously. As a result, pieces of a chosen media file are brought to the home computer from many sources, then reassembled. This technology is so fast and efficient that the BBC has adopted it for distributing its programme archive.

How downloading works

1. First, the movie/video fan downloads BitTorrent software such as Azureus (, and this sits on the PC desktop to manage downloads.

2. Then the fan heads to the Pirate Bay ( and searches for the item wanted.

3. The search results are listed as a “torrent” — a digital signpost telling the PC where to go online to access a chosen film or song.

4. This torrent file is saved to the computer. The BitTorrent software then takes over, at which point downloading begins.

I’m lovin’it!

On another negative note, the torrent site is down mostly likely to the meddling of the evil MPAA (devil) or if that smily doesn’t work then there is 🙁

I feel rage

Tuesday, January 16 2007

From BBC

CCTV footage was played to the court which the prosecution said showed Mr Mohammed boarding the train before turning his back to a mother and her child and trying to detonate his bomb.

This is why CCTV is a value in today’s society. No Muslim can bully the rest of us with saying “That never happened. We are the victim in the world”

Their action, along with 7 July’s terrorists, are so despicable and I feel rage reading about this.

And now when they have been caught, they are not even able to stand for what they tried to do. They claim it was a hoax.

RSS; comments

Monday, January 15 2007

I am going make a real try with the RSS Feeder thing so I have updated Newz Crawler and deleted all my bookmarks.

It certainly makes it quicker but I miss the blogskins. It is dull to see all the post in black and white. First impression, anyway.

And then there is the comment feed. Harsh, who commented in the previous post, gave me his comment feed so I’ve added that. Anyone else?

For the other comments, I am trying co.mments … yeah! and the updates done on the star sheet (not by me) was easy to download to Windows Media Writer and the updates are working fine 🙂 Hopefully it should also be ok on the feed.

RSS reader: News Crawler

Saturday, January 13 2007

So after everybody else has jump on the bandwagon like years ago, I am trying again with this RSS reader.

I’ve tried Bloglines … nope

I’ve tried Mozilla Thunderbird … NOPE

I had a quick look at Google’s reader but no I didn’t like that either.

But I have been sneaky peaky on MH laptop and he uses News Crawler and I like the lay out of it.

He downloaded the software and installed and it looked easy. I am going through my old feeds and ditching old once that I lost interest with and adding new feeds.

I have added some new blogs / feeds and that was easy too. So far so good and if I don’t like it you will be second to know.

The one thing I not yet fully convinced about is why isn’t the comments included in the feed? They are 40% of the joy of reading a post.

Update: I have not made it easy on my blog for this RSS, have I? MH reminded me that he had asked me when he set the blog up and I said I didn’t want one. He is now working on it 🙂 thankfully. And I want to say a big thx to the clever ones that have managed to add my blog to their RSS reader. Liferea eh? Never heard of that one before … u r da best 🙂

Update2: Oh ok so I am now to stop colouring the links yellow … it looks bad on the readers. Someone should have told me …

An interesting read

Thursday, January 11 2007

So Heather Brooke and The Guardian had to go to an information tribunal to get the Minutes for the Board meeting re the Hutton mess.

Firstly, BBC is a public funded organisation and therefore all its information should be regarding as free unless there is a special need for not letting the public know.

The notes, here and here, are an interesting read and shows that one the main issues for the Board is look after themselves and not what is the best for the BBC.

The best thing for the BBC would have been to back the organisation and critique the white wash Hutton report. The Board failed. A whole 100%.

There are several WTF moments while reading the Minutes.

Just not right

Wednesday, January 10 2007

I am sure that nobody noticed my silence regarding Michael Schumacher retiring from F1 and Ferrari. I am just not ready to deal with that, OK???????

So now the stories with pictures coming out with Kimi Raikkonen in Ferrari red and it just feel so wrong.

The stupid little boy says that he is not going to change. Michael Schumacher the best driver EVER in the world …. silly boy has won nada or just a few here and there. Do the damn math!

 Pic from Sky

Won’t make the main news headlines

Monday, January 8 2007

But it made it into my blog … wonder why …

And I just found …

Friday, January 5 2007

… out that the next AVP2 (*YAY* they are making another one … did you know? I didn’t!) will be R (yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss) and not PG13 as the last one. Bring it on the Alien vs. Predator 🙂

For the celeb bashers out there

Friday, January 5 2007

slim *ahem*

My kind of thing

Thursday, January 4 2007

This is so my kind of thing, and yes I have done similar thing myself.

I am on Michael Rees side here: money is money and payment is a payment no matter what legal tendered way is being used.

Read the story here.