Wednesday, January 31 2007

I had two blog posts on my mind.

1) Time to get fully organised and start looking for a job. After a meeting with our immigration lawyer, it turns out that I have the better criteria long-term to get the right visa, which can open up for a golden green card for us both. MH on the other hand has the better criteria for having the right visa for the current situation.

2) New arrests in the UK of terrorist suspects. My first thought was selfish, that I was glad to be here in US as it feels less likely to be in a terrorist attack (earth quake is a different matter but at least that is a normal phenomenon). This time the target was a Muslim British soldier(s) to behead him/them. If this had been successful, the public outcry would have been massive. My thinking is that this was what the terrorists were after. The British public is proud and respect its armed forces and regard it to be the best in the world.

The British has in general done well with distinguish between Muslim terrorists and Muslim community and there has not been any riots etc. I think this is what the terrorist arrested today was trying to destroy that. They want more terror and hate in our society between the Muslims and the rest of the society.

But this doesn’t help (pic from BBC story) cos this women is being very offensive

but I guess I should give her the benefit of a doubt that she is doing this against the photographers and not to the British public …?????

We can never ever underestimate these terrorists because they are not stupid. They know what to target and it is where we least expect them to.

And now to something completely different and unimportant stuff … tomorrow’s dinner. Here is one pic and the rest is over at Flickr. BTW, Flickr sucks … the pics are in the wrong order and stupid Flickr can’t even make a feature possible to arrange the pics on the main page in the order I would like to.Dinner tomorrow

7 Responses to “Today”

  1. Jay Says:

    Yah terrorists are smart and are driven by self fulfilling prophecies.

    Anyways, are u sure the person behind the veil is a woman..

    And a similar doubt.

    Is that ur hand 😕

  2. lizze Says:

    Good point … some muslims men have used the veil thingy to escape out of UK when they have been wanted.

    LOL my hand? Nah they are not quite that hairy 😉

  3. Jay Says:

    **Big Relief**

  4. lizze Says:

    and besides, I don’t cook.

  5. Incognito Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Lizze.

    You might want to explain to American readers what the Muslim woman/man is doing. I lived in Ireland, many years ago, so I happen to know. And I would venture to say it’s to both the police and the rest of the world.
    Good luck with your job search and the immigration atty.

  6. lizze Says:

    Thx Incognito 🙂
    That gesture is a rude one in the UK and I think the pictures speaks for itself as I didn’t want to attach too much of my insulted feelings to the text.

  7. Incognito Says:

    It’s just that in the U.S. the reverse “v” sign means peace. But I’m sure you know that by now. 🙂

    As for the Char Siu comment on my blog :as I mentioned in my response to you there, it’s one of many aliases of “Lambent” an angry young Brit lad living in HongKong, who just likes to get a rise out of people. If you click “Lambent” on his comment you can see his blog and you will see what I mean. I actually had to laugh when I discovered it was him masquerading as a Chinese person.