CNN is dumbing down

Sunday, January 28 2007

Through my RSS reader, I found a story on CNN that I wanted to read. I clicked on it to get the page, and I was confused & insulted the first 3 seconds of looking at it.

Why is there a need of bullet point of the story highlights? Since these are located on the top of the page, I instinctively read them first. A complete dumbing down and ruin the read.

The CNN stories are not very comprehensive and lengthy compared to Der Spiegel Online who usually display both qualities. CNN is talking down to the reader. Not impressive, at all.

4 Responses to “CNN is dumbing down”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    It’s all being dumbed down. Pretty soon, they’ll start using icons and text … then it will be just icons 🙂

  2. Slim Says:

    I personally like that idea. I’d get to know if the story would be interesting or not. Also, its a great time saver when you’re in a hurry. You don’t have to read the whole damn thing. Guess that bulleted list are for people like me 😛

  3. Cap Says:

    Slim, you’ve been dumbed down. It’s official. 🙁
    We’re so sad.

  4. Slim Says:

    LOL! Just because I always happen to be chasing lost time doesn’t mean I’ve dumbed down :P. Or does it? :-S