I ♥ Amex

Thursday, January 25 2007

I have so far, since 2001, always got real good customer service from Amex. Actually, it is outstanding customer service that I have not experience with another company.

Like today, I spoke to the UK branch of Amex about my re-issued card that a courier company (plus points for not using the long-fingered Royal Mail!) tried to delivered to my UK address.

The solution: I can pick up the card here in San Francisco early next week. Now that IS real good service.

Amex was also helpful with setting up a US$ account and gave us a reasonable line of credit. They looked at my credit history in the UK and about 15 minutes later it was all sorted.

A few years back when I went to Shanghai, China, and needed the right currency. The Amex guy in FX office ran out of Yuan (oh boy he so apologetic since it was such unusual currency) the day that I dropped in and he made sure that I could pick the amount I needed 9am the morning after.

The thing is that I am not loaded or earning a ton of money. I am just a normal customer and have an Amex Blue card – no annual charge. Who know what the Amex Black card (invites only)service must be like 😉

3 Responses to “I ♥ Amex”

  1. Cap Says:

    hmmm. I have a new goal: to get an Amex Black card and test their customer service. It may take a few years, but I vow to do this 🙂

  2. Jay Says:

    Oh!! Gosh… That was so near,.

    A couple of years back, I had quit my job and was sitting idle preparing for an exam away from my home. A few friends suggested me to join Amex call center (The BPO wave and India) to get some easy money.I decided against.

    In retrospection… I escaped getting abused by Lizze and CAP.. or Lizze’s love with Amex survived a threat of facing me.

  3. lizze Says:

    Cap – join the queue 😉

    Jay – LOL so now you are ‘only’ getting abused via da blogs?