Tempting, but…?

Wednesday, January 24 2007

There is meaty Paris Hilton site out there … and it is tempting. Nosey and sad, I know!

Paris had stuff in storage, didn’t pay the $208 bill and things got auctioned off and this site is the result. Price: just under $40 sign up.

Anyone as nosey as me but but don’t want to pay the whole amount? With Paypal etc that can be arrange. To do in stealth; email akalizze @ gmail.com (no spaces) or IM Yahoo Messenger lizze_lizze

I’m glad that slim is back and can’t wait on his comments of is fav girl (me or Paris??) in the world 👿

3 Responses to “Tempting, but…?”

  1. Cap Says:

    I am just as nosy as you, but there is no way I’m paying ANY money at all to see her stuff. I’m cheap when it comes to celebrity thrills lol

  2. lizze Says:

    I am so hoping that the info will become public anyway. I do find strange that the gossip pages talks about the site but not is content.

  3. Cap Says:

    She’s a moron. I mean it. She’s rich, but she is as dumb as a rock. The Fucking Cat is smarter than she is. And she’s not really all that attractive. Why do I care what she left in a storage unit? BECAUSE I HAVE NO MONEY AND NO LIFE lol