Fun Game

Sunday, January 21 2007

Here is an addictive little game for you. Read the help first but in short, black is good – red is not.

Cap – you can do this after you are done with your homework, OK?

Fun game

6 Responses to “Fun Game”

  1. Cap Says:

    I finished my homework, Mom. Can I play now? Please?

  2. lizze Says:

    Sure but you have to go to bed at 22.00
    It is workday tomorrow.

  3. Cap Says:

    That game gave me a headache after a few times. I turned the music off and did a little better. The music was making me hyper – which is probably the point.

  4. Erin Says:

    i’m back. thanks for the comment urging me to return, it was a well-needed kick in the butt.

  5. Dallas Hell Says:

    have you noticed that people from CA are REALLY proud to be from CA? i thought texans were bad!

  6. lizze Says:

    Yes, they are and they seem to in general happy here. If you speak to a Londoner and you will get an earful whats going wrong.