Deleted blog

Sunday, December 10 2006

I have been thinking for few days how to write this post but I have not got it right in my mind so let see how it goes.

It started with that I went to a blog that I read every so often but the page got re-directed to another page and something started to scan my HD. I closed the down the browser as quickly as I could. I kind of forgot about it and a few days later then same thing happened again when I visited the blog. I did an extra virus scan and a spyware check (thanks Ad-aware SE!!)

I decided to write an email to the blogger B. The reply made me both angry and sad.

B’s blog was about commenting on news big and small with pics in the posts that was found on the web. B received “nasty e-mails and threats” and after a few days B deleted the blog. One of the reasons for deleting the blog was “an administrator, …,threatened to report me to the copyright holders of the pictures i was posting.”

This is what makes me angry at the whole Copy right & IP laws and the way they can be used as a threat. Did B make any money from the blog? No. Was B involved citizen discussing society and politics? Yes. And this is a very good thing – just to state the obvious.

Here comes another blogger and treats B to report B to copyright holders and my guess hoping to cause so much threat of trouble that the blog gets deleted. Why? Cos then this admin idiot can then hi-jack the url, get the traffic and get the scan of HD or virus or whatever it was.

When I went to their site, the admin person linked through to the hi-jacked url with an accurate summary about the original blog but without telling what is going to happened once you are there.

I had a look around on the Blogger support to see there if there was any way to let them know what is going on but I could not find anything helpful.

The saving grace is B’s comment “And i can’t say i’m too upset about it, i hadn’t realised just how much time i was spending on it,and i have this new found freedom.”

My dilemma is to name the baddies or not. I have obviously decided not to as can be seen above and one of the reasons is not cause anymore problems for B. I can easily get an idea of how nasty these emails and threats must have been to get a blogger so far to delete their own blog. And what would I let myself into as well, to be honest? I bet this troll does ego searches and is one of those idiots that gets a kick out of causing trouble.

Bill O’Reilly vs 8 year old

Saturday, December 9 2006

I have to say, an unexpected turn around for Bill – I didn’t see that one coming but it is a bad one.

I saw the 8 year old’s clip first but this one is better. The comments are great too. And what can I say – I share some of the views as this girl. But I think it has been produced for a tinsy-winsy controversial and to get 163,645 views.

Liz Hurley is gonna get her arse kicked

Thursday, December 7 2006

She launched a new range, sexy swim clothes for kids.

liz hurley 

So, what wrong this picture then? Answer: all of it. The adults are fully dressed …. btw did you notice Al-Fayed (owner of Harrods)? Take another look but it might hurt your eyes the second time around.

The fabric is of course all wrong, leopard print on kids? Didn’t nobody tell her that this is v bad idea? Guess the answer speaks for itself.

What was she thinking?

Some more Brit bashing …

Tuesday, December 5 2006

I was reading this article @ BBC News Online.

The actions was as follows: Reading first paragraph then saying out load “For fuck sake”

So here is the first paragraph:

Christmas decorations have been banned by almost three out of four UK employers, for fear of offending staff from other faiths, a survey says.

How about the number of people that are offended by NOT being allowed putting up Xmas decoration?? Get some backbone and allow the Xmas decoration!

I am not even religious but this is a Christian country and this is a major Christian occasion that actually people like me can celebrate too. I put my own values to it.

If you get offended by this, just put up with it! I have to put up with enough nonsense from ‘you offend by Xmas’ anyway with bloody political correctness.

Last year I wrote a letter to the Council cos the new PC Xmas decoration. That rant with pics is here.

Missing my duvet

Tuesday, December 5 2006

Location: somewhere in the world, maybe the vessel is in the Pacific or Indian Ocean or did it go the long way around Africa or did it take the shortcut of the Suez canal or the Panama canal.

The port of arrival is LA and that my friends is not a direct route from London. And it is about 4 week later then we expected. They will arrive in the middle of the holiday season so I am guess that we will see the boxes sometime in January.

One major character flaw with the Brit’s is that they are two-faced. The boxes was picked up mid October, got a call from the removal company that all the papers where in order, took the payment and they would be shipping the next week. It took over 3 weeks before getting on the vessel.

Why not just tell me? Nooo, it is better to pass that info on when they have to after being chased.

Of all thing things in the boxes, I miss my duvet the most – I am surprised myself.


Saturday, December 2 2006

Uhm, only in San Francisco? Wanna have some cake? The quote of the site is “These links are for mature adults only. If you are under 18 or a prude in anyway, please do not continue.” Just being adult is not being good enough. You have been warned and I am not even linking to the X-rated bit … you have to go there yourself.
And NO, I do not want one of these for my birthday

The War of The Paz

Friday, December 1 2006

An internal war has broken out between the Paparazzi / photo agencies as get sued for $7.5m cos of breach of copyright infringements by the rest of the industry.

Who is LFAO-ing? The celebs of course 🙂

Do I read gossip? Yes. Do I contribute to their industry? Not really, I certainly doesn’t spend much money on it or click on their ads.

The paparazzi “are just doing their job” (that phrase stopped working after the Nurnburg trial people!) and are hunting the celebs anytime and anywhere and now they get pissed off for losing money when someone is not following the rules.

Disclaimer: I thoroughly dislike the copy right / IP laws as I think in 99,99% it is protecting the wrong party and are a hindrance to the development of our society.

This is going to get ugly and all in the public domain. Maybe a taste of their own medicine? Let’s see how this will develop.