Thursday, December 28 2006

Guess I have been naughty today but I don’t feel it so I haven’t.

Today we went driving, on the right side and with one close call … not my fault as I see it, to an Outlet in Vacaville.

So I spend some of my savings on …. purple things, pics over @ Flickr. An Outlet is a weird American experience. Shops build around the parking spaces. I found some fun stuff for a good price, comparing them to SF and London. Mind you, most things are cheaper compared to those two cities.

One thing though, nobody adhere to the speed limits here in California. As a friend said to us re that subject “Fuck the federal government” so there is a lot of civil protest going on here 🙂

Speed limits on Freeways or is it called Highways?, don’t know the difference, are 65 miles per hour, and I’d say 75 to 80 miles are the norm. And the cars / trucks are getting bigger when we are driving outside of SF.

5 Responses to “Naughty?”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    As I recall, ‘highways’ are state roads and ‘interstates’ are federal roads. The difference (at least in the midwest) is that the state roads run through cities and have stoplights and lower speed limits. Interstates (I call them highways, if it matters) are more serious-minded – they aren’t cluttered with silly things like stoplights and shopping areas 🙂 State roads will also probably have different names in different cities. For instance, MO HWY 12 is Truman Road in one place and 15th street in another.
    Arent you SO happy you asked?? lol 😀

  2. Alex Says:

    First : thank you for the comment in my page, it binged me god fortune and a lot of visitors.

    Probably is wired for you the driving on the “wrong way”, anyway I can imagine that is really scary with all the big trucks you are not used to. Back here in Europe we don’t have so big trucks. I don’t know how big are in US but know that are much bigger then here.

    But last time when my friend drove with 200km/h on the Autoband (yet another term, this time in German 🙂 I was relay scarred but after a while I get used to.

  3. Lizze Says:

    crikey cap … I never know of how you are going to comment. I am real grateful that you do comment… cos the unpredictability is v entertaining and the stuff you write are v useful.

    Alex – your post stood out when I was “Next Blog” surfing. It was funny. I know you have not had the time to read my blog yet, but in short, I am from Europe and I have just moved to the US.
    I have not yet done the Autobahn drive myself. I have been in a passenger but never a driver on Autobahn. One more thing to do before …

  4. capricorncringe Says:

    Freeways (interstates) got the name because most of them (but not all) are not toll roads – not because you’re ‘free’ to drive like a maniac. lol

    Just remember, stay to the right! 😉 Stay out of the far left lane unless you’re going 200 km/h (which I think is probably really really really fast). If you do those things people will be less likely to honk at you and give you rude hand gestures lol

  5. Slim Says:

    Left hand drives are awesome. I’m a lefty myself 😛

    Truck drivers are crazy. We have loads of them here. Drunk ones that too.