All having probs

Thursday, December 14 2006

I can’t comment on Cap’s blog but I can on slims. Cap can’t comment on slims. Slims comment got caught in the my spam filters so I should really check it after the rambling post.

I am not in the best of moods anyway … more like “the day is alright but won’t be the best day of my life”.

I should have gone to the hair dresser this morning, after not getting a drop in time on last Monday morning, but it got canceled last minute but also come with a recommendation of another place. I called that place and have an appointment tomorrow lunch time.

There are some other general life issues that is damping the mood a bit.

And now I have pop out get a rushed Xmas present …. laters

7 Responses to “All having probs”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    Blogger is more trouble than it’s worth. I still can’t comment on Slim’s blog – it doesn’t even give me the option to comment. He said he added a trouble shooting link but I don’t see that, either. (I said this a few posts back, but I was too lazy to send him an email, so maybe he’ll see it here.)

    It could be worse, Lizze. Cheer up. It’s probably just the Christmas blues biting at your heels. My sister is in town to see my mother this weekend. I don’t know that I’ll see her … we had a falling out a few years ago. And I can’t write about it on my blog because it would hurt my mother’s feelings. BAH!

  2. amenthyst Says:

    yeah it frustrates me more when i cant find the comment box/link in slim’s blog.
    i’ll be getting my hair cut after christmas, and this time i dont care if i have to pay $35 as long its pro and not like ‘bitten by rats’ look

  3. Lizze Says:

    Family eh? Different rules apply to family. Maybe you two will repair it or maybe not.
    This is from someone that has no contact with my blood relatives – all of then are nutcases and when we feud in the family (both sides) we are talking decades here. But I feel that I am not missing anything so I am not going to repair anything … I am just not interested.

    I can comment on slims and that means see slims comment box.

    I can’t comment your blog Cap …. just did another try and the anon works 🙂

    I am bit better today. And I found a good enough Xmas present y-day.

  4. Slim Says:

    Ah, I had another complaint. I think its something to do with Blogger Beta users, but I’m not sure.

    Ah Liz, I feel ya. I’ve been feeling down too, the past week, and so the infrequent posts. Hope you are feeling better now!

  5. Lizze Says:

    maybe it is a virus on the blogospere that are affecting the bloggers 🙂

  6. Jay Says:

    Oh well eithr blogger is ok .. Its just that Slim keeps screwing it with his experiments wth javascript. :D.. It takes million years to dl a wordpress page for me.

    Lizze prolly take a break as i did for 10 days and now feel as good as Arnold’s wife expecting her 10th kid.

  7. amenthyst Says:

    i cant comment in slim’s blog, but yours can. and it annoys me more when i cant change my blog layout. i’m gonna delete my account and make a new one…
    what 10th kid? wah.. are they trying to make a football team or an army?