Monday, December 11 2006

One of those social networking web 2.0 site that is actually fun and slightly addictive.

So you type in a message either from the website or IM (AIM or GTalk or LiveJournal or Jabber) or mobile (US:cell) and your message gets sent to your registered friends and it will also go on a public list. You will get your friends messages sent to you.

I have done my best to explain so it is better that you have a look for yourself

It is free.

Update: Ok so I couldn’t help myself. I got a Twitter account under lizze as well – hope to see you there!

One Response to “Twitter”

  1. Slim Says:

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get more insane than MySpace, comes along this 😛

    Haha, the site looks good. I might try it out soon.