Deleted blog

Sunday, December 10 2006

I have been thinking for few days how to write this post but I have not got it right in my mind so let see how it goes.

It started with that I went to a blog that I read every so often but the page got re-directed to another page and something started to scan my HD. I closed the down the browser as quickly as I could. I kind of forgot about it and a few days later then same thing happened again when I visited the blog. I did an extra virus scan and a spyware check (thanks Ad-aware SE!!)

I decided to write an email to the blogger B. The reply made me both angry and sad.

B’s blog was about commenting on news big and small with pics in the posts that was found on the web. B received “nasty e-mails and threats” and after a few days B deleted the blog. One of the reasons for deleting the blog was “an administrator, …,threatened to report me to the copyright holders of the pictures i was posting.”

This is what makes me angry at the whole Copy right & IP laws and the way they can be used as a threat. Did B make any money from the blog? No. Was B involved citizen discussing society and politics? Yes. And this is a very good thing – just to state the obvious.

Here comes another blogger and treats B to report B to copyright holders and my guess hoping to cause so much threat of trouble that the blog gets deleted. Why? Cos then this admin idiot can then hi-jack the url, get the traffic and get the scan of HD or virus or whatever it was.

When I went to their site, the admin person linked through to the hi-jacked url with an accurate summary about the original blog but without telling what is going to happened once you are there.

I had a look around on the Blogger support to see there if there was any way to let them know what is going on but I could not find anything helpful.

The saving grace is B’s comment “And i can’t say i’m too upset about it, i hadn’t realised just how much time i was spending on it,and i have this new found freedom.”

My dilemma is to name the baddies or not. I have obviously decided not to as can be seen above and one of the reasons is not cause anymore problems for B. I can easily get an idea of how nasty these emails and threats must have been to get a blogger so far to delete their own blog. And what would I let myself into as well, to be honest? I bet this troll does ego searches and is one of those idiots that gets a kick out of causing trouble.

6 Responses to “Deleted blog”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    I try to cover my butt by crediting the pics … but that’s not always possible. And it’s a hassle. I worry that someone will come along and tell me to stop posting song lyrics … or talking about news articles … or stop being an annoying midwestern Capricorn … or … you get the idea 😉

  2. Lizze Says:

    I don’t think that you have to worry about it. You are not using it for commercial purposes and in my opinion, they are using bullying tactics but have little to back it up with. It is not worth for them to spend any actual resources on it – except for a threatening language and template email/letters.

    Saying that, I am sure it is not nice to receive any of those ‘communications’. I think what I would do if that happens is to blog about it incl showing any email / letter.

  3. Slim Says:

    That sucks. I really hope Copyleft and CC are used more. But B should have known better when he was posting pics, though I don’t think he would be found guilty, because he wasn’t making money off of them like Perez.

  4. capricorncringe Says:

    I don’t like CC … I don’t know anything about copyleft. But my thing is that I like to think of myself as a writer. And as a writer, what I write is MINE and I am not about to share it and let people ‘improve’ it (God forbid) or put it on their own sites without proper credit back to me. But I’m selfish like that 😉

    (And yes, I know CC is on my site but only because there isn’t a good solution for websites)

  5. Slim Says:

    Doesn’t CC have a “give credit, no modification” liscense? I think that is good enough for some works, especially useless paparazzi pics.

  6. capricorncringe Says:

    yes, slim, that’s what I use, but … it bugs me.

    And I can’t comment on your site. It doesn’t even give me the option to comment. I don’t see a trouble shooting link, either. So there.