Some more Brit bashing …

Tuesday, December 5 2006

I was reading this article @ BBC News Online.

The actions was as follows: Reading first paragraph then saying out load “For fuck sake”

So here is the first paragraph:

Christmas decorations have been banned by almost three out of four UK employers, for fear of offending staff from other faiths, a survey says.

How about the number of people that are offended by NOT being allowed putting up Xmas decoration?? Get some backbone and allow the Xmas decoration!

I am not even religious but this is a Christian country and this is a major Christian occasion that actually people like me can celebrate too. I put my own values to it.

If you get offended by this, just put up with it! I have to put up with enough nonsense from ‘you offend by Xmas’ anyway with bloody political correctness.

Last year I wrote a letter to the Council cos the new PC Xmas decoration. That rant with pics is here.

10 Responses to “Some more Brit bashing …”

  1. amenthyst Says:

    what? it’s just a christmas deco.. and who dosent love christmas… i’ll die if my work place dosent have a single deco but i think the deco is a little bit too much.. haha

  2. Lizze's Husband Says:

    When you say “This is a Christian country” do you mean UK or USA?

    UK isn’t officially a Christian country anymore, it’s secular. When you look at the diminishing numbers of people who regularly attend Christian worship or even hold Christian views AND combine them with the number of people following Islam and other faiths, you realise that UK is no long a ‘Christian country’.

    Which, frankly is a good thing. Religion is the root of most world differences – I wrote a nice post about this on my blog, but sadly I can’t link to it for fear of outing you, my love.

    USA, on the other hand, is still a Christian country. Lots of people worship God here – in fact this kinda says it all really.

  3. Lizze Says:

    wtf, smartarse? 😉 LOL
    I meant UK. The religious basis for UK is the Christianity and its tradition is based on it. Not allowing Xmas decoration is wrong and insults more people that it ‘saves’.

    Ok that map thingy is funny 🙂

  4. sam Says:

    In reply to Lizzies husband, I think some people need religion – it gives them hope and comfort.

    And although hardly anyone goes to church anymore, I think youd be suprised at the amount of people that claim to be christian. However, their probably still outnumbered by people who dont give a toss.

    The cause of worldy differences isnt religion, its the abuse of religion 🙂

  5. capricorncringe Says:

    Christianity is the only religion that it’s okay to bash. In fact, it’s encouraged.

    And Sam’s right – it’s not religion, it is the abuse of religion and/or abuse of power within that religion that’s the problem.

  6. Lizze Says:

    No the problem with each religion is that they are the “chosen people” from their god and that implies that they are better then other people. To me that is the foundation of all religious wars that going on for centuries.

    The religious people within a religion that is being abused need to take the responsibility for that. That is a nice little way of shirking responsibility by saying it is not my problem.

    It is like Communism, should have worked fine on paper but as soon as you incl people in the equation doesn’t work. Same goes for religion.

    I judge a religion by its followers. What counts is what the actions have taken not what it is being said.

  7. amenthyst Says:

    to lizzie’s husband:
    i come from a muslim country,but its a free country and there’s buddist,hindu,christian, islam…hmm.. cult?haha..cults are band.and every one here loves christmas,and other festive occations too..the people at my work place are majority muslims and they help out with the christmas deco too..:)
    i say we have to respect each others religion, eventhough we have diffrent faith and belives.

  8. Slim Says:

    What they actually mean by offending “other” faith is the Islam. This is another sign that their violent nature is intimidating people. Not a good sign.

  9. amenthyst Says:

    at least the muslims here are not like that. nobody’s allowed to offend and insult each others religion unless they want their ass to be kicked or their house burned down.

  10. Slim Says:

    We need tough laws like that everywhere.