The War of The Paz

Friday, December 1 2006

An internal war has broken out between the Paparazzi / photo agencies as get sued for $7.5m cos of breach of copyright infringements by the rest of the industry.

Who is LFAO-ing? The celebs of course 🙂

Do I read gossip? Yes. Do I contribute to their industry? Not really, I certainly doesn’t spend much money on it or click on their ads.

The paparazzi “are just doing their job” (that phrase stopped working after the Nurnburg trial people!) and are hunting the celebs anytime and anywhere and now they get pissed off for losing money when someone is not following the rules.

Disclaimer: I thoroughly dislike the copy right / IP laws as I think in 99,99% it is protecting the wrong party and are a hindrance to the development of our society.

This is going to get ugly and all in the public domain. Maybe a taste of their own medicine? Let’s see how this will develop.

8 Responses to “The War of The Paz”

  1. Slim Says:

    Yep, good for them. Perez is a thieving bastard anyway… making money off of copyrighted images, off of someone else’s intellectual property. But I do agree, to an extent, that copyrighting sometimes goes WAY over the line. Getting sued in millions for something that probably didn’t even cost 0.000431% of that amount is… stupid. I think Creative Commons and Copyleft are WAY better in protecting property rights.

  2. Lizze Says:

    What is intellectual property when it comes to chasing celebs and taking their pics? This is a misuse of the IP law.

  3. capricorncringe Says:

    Well, since I’ve already thought of EVERYTHING …. if I sued for infringement of intellectual property, I’d own the planet 🙂

  4. Ekawaaz Says:

    If Paparazis stopped working how the hell people working for SUN, Mirror and Hello will survive..

  5. Lizze Says:

    And how would we survive without those mags eh?

  6. Slim Says:

    “What is intellectual property when it comes to chasing celebs and taking their pics?”

    Liz, atleast the paparazzi take the effort, time and money to chase down celebrities and snap them. And you know how edgy celebs get when they see them… so they have to put up with their shit too. And then, Perez sits on his fat ass and turns on the computer (probably eating some chips), logs into the internet and then steals a copyrighted image and uses it in his blog AND makes money out of it (out of somebody elses hard work). And he shouldn’t get sued?

  7. Lizze Says:

    The paps effort is not worthy to be protected by the IP or Copyright laws. So if a couple of leaches get leached by another leach – big deal.

    If anything, any celebpics that goes online should have big fat watermark on it – the reader will see what agency is taking the good pics and then there will be more traffic.

  8. Slim Says:

    I know… that is where Copyleft and Creative Commons come in. These rights have some flexibility, like using the intellectual property only for educational and non profit purposes. The problem with copyright is there is no flexibility. Even if a copyrighted material is used for non profit purposes, you’d get sued. Oh well, I don’t see why the paparazzi and the agencies would go for a CC or Copyleft… they wouldn’t be able to make quick money then.