Have a good 2007!

Sunday, December 31 2006

I am not big on New Year Eve celebration … it just another evening to me BUT

I do really hope that 2007 will be a good year for all of us 🙂


Thursday, December 28 2006

Guess I have been naughty today but I don’t feel it so I haven’t.

Today we went driving, on the right side and with one close call … not my fault as I see it, to an Outlet in Vacaville.

So I spend some of my savings on …. purple things, pics over @ Flickr. An Outlet is a weird American experience. Shops build around the parking spaces. I found some fun stuff for a good price, comparing them to SF and London. Mind you, most things are cheaper compared to those two cities.

One thing though, nobody adhere to the speed limits here in California. As a friend said to us re that subject “Fuck the federal government” so there is a lot of civil protest going on here 🙂

Speed limits on Freeways or is it called Highways?, don’t know the difference, are 65 miles per hour, and I’d say 75 to 80 miles are the norm. And the cars / trucks are getting bigger when we are driving outside of SF.

Xmas day’s car trip

Tuesday, December 26 2006

We + a friend did a car trip to Big Sur today and we, I mainly, drove this way. Big Sur is a National Park with a splendid nature. As everything else in the US, it is big that goes, tall tress, big leaves and real beauty.

We walked around in Bid Sur for a few hours and then drove down to the beach to see the sun set.

Over @ my Flickr is all the pics and I did a set called The Waves from the beach but it didn’t turn out that well on Flickr. Click on the pics in a quick succession… can you see the waves move?

These are my favs:What a view!

Tree crown My footstep  Perfect timing with the wave

How lucky was I when I took this pic?

But there are things that you can’t fully get by looking at these pics so to show what it is that I mean, I have uploaded my first clip to YouTube(!!):

I’d like to say a thanks to my camera, Canon SD450, and to MH that it picked for me! I am not a good photographer but this camera makes it easy and I can recommend it. The clip is is taken with my camera as well, YouTube didn’t keep the quality of it. I have a 512Mb memory stick (bought separately) and at the end of the day, I had used about half on the memory.

Car trip

Monday, December 25 2006

We and a friend are going on a car trip today. We are driving south, just for a few hours, brings some food and sandwiches.

Pics when I am back

Have a real nice Christmas day!

2 and counting

Friday, December 22 2006

No 2 earthquake just happened.

3,7 but it had a shorter duration, for me, then last time.

It is on the Hayward fault again, like the last one.

Official info

1st one is SF?

Wednesday, December 20 2006

I am pretty certain I felt my first earthquake in SF. It didn’t last very long.

It took a good couple of seconds to work out was going on (new to this, ok?) and why I was moving sideways while sitting on the bed.

Next step was to go to the window to see if there was any ‘reactions’ and in the office building across some person (the cleaner?) did the same thing as me … walked up to the window and looked around.

Aha – read somewhere else that someone felt it too. Good 🙂

And here is the offical version.


Wednesday, December 20 2006

I have a subject for a post in my mind before I went to sleep early this morning but as the title indicates, I have forgotten all about it. A whole 99,99% cos I do remember remembering that I meant to write.

In the mean time, I though I should share some short reviews of what bit torrent I have been watching.

Best: The Lost Room ep 1-3 … very good all round!

Scary: Wolf Creek. Inspired by actual events from the Aussie outback where 3 people in a car run in to some real scary problems. If I ever have to go drive the Aussie outback, I am going fully armed.

Amusing: The thirteen Ghost

Can’t wait: until the next episode of Battlestar Galatica

Ignoring: the Xmas weekend coming up. I have zero (0) Xmas spirit and no matter what, I am going home next Xmas. That is a promise.

For a laugh

Sunday, December 17 2006

Read … just don’t do this:

Some fun 🙂

All having probs

Thursday, December 14 2006

I can’t comment on Cap’s blog but I can on slims. Cap can’t comment on slims. Slims comment got caught in the my spam filters so I should really check it after the rambling post.

I am not in the best of moods anyway … more like “the day is alright but won’t be the best day of my life”.

I should have gone to the hair dresser this morning, after not getting a drop in time on last Monday morning, but it got canceled last minute but also come with a recommendation of another place. I called that place and have an appointment tomorrow lunch time.

There are some other general life issues that is damping the mood a bit.

And now I have pop out get a rushed Xmas present …. laters


Monday, December 11 2006

One of those social networking web 2.0 site that is actually fun and slightly addictive.

So you type in a message either from the website or IM (AIM or GTalk or LiveJournal or Jabber) or mobile (US:cell) and your message gets sent to your registered friends and it will also go on a public list. You will get your friends messages sent to you.

I have done my best to explain so it is better that you have a look for yourself


It is free.

Update: Ok so I couldn’t help myself. I got a Twitter account under lizze as well – hope to see you there!