More American things

Thursday, November 16 2006

I got excited again today (despite spending money on buying a boring vacuum cleaner) so here is the post …

A shopping trolley escalator … so cool

Shopping cart escalator Shopping cart escalator Shopping cart escalator The wired thing is that I have no qualms taking up my camera to take pics.

This is someone who hedging all bets to get the most appeal … American or European?European or American?

It is, for me (me and prejudices), a slight irony that I move to the US and lost weight. The reasons are that I have time to go to the gym, free in our courtyard with a high guilt factor if I don’t use it, BUT also the sweets here in the US are mostly yucky. It is the chocolate that is too damn oily, the worst one is Hershey’s (exception for the Milk Duds, I like those).Yucky sweets

But plz don’t worry too much cos I have found some nice sweets to … there are yummy:Niiiice sweets

And finally, here a queue for the PS3 due to be released on Friday morning. Gamers are passionate aka nutters sometimes 😉PS3 queue @ Best Buy

Typical American … and some other bits

Sunday, November 12 2006

How many times have you seen this on TV and films?? And now I got to see it in real life *woohoo*Typical American The donuts and pastries were huge …. no way I could it a whole one but I gave it a go with a chocolate donut and I managed!!

Another huge thing is this grill pan we got from Safeway (as promo thingy for $10)BIG grill pan

Yesterday we were out walking (yeah I know … not so American thing to do 😉 ) and I saw these very nice but for me odd-looking trees along the street.New tree to me

And then finally, I saw this in Safeway (buy 1 get 1 free) and I bought it entire cos of the packaging. And they taste so-and-so but never mind.Hello .... Kitty

No going home for Xmas

Saturday, November 11 2006

Can’t afford it 🙁

It sucks but on the other hand we chose to move here and start over again. But still, spending Xmas with my family is something that I like and wish I could have done.

And I had the pleasure of telling them via email and it took about two days before I could have a Skype chat. They understood but said that Xmas would be empty without me.

For a non-religious person, Xmas is the closet thing I have that is sacred. For Xmas, is all about spending time with family, follow our little traditions, laugh and have fun. We behave like kids in our family and it is v joyful. And there is the food. O M G (pun intended so LOL 😉 ) so much and so nice and I am going to miss that too.

Ah shit I am going to stop writing about this now cos it makes me sad.

Uh uh

Wednesday, November 8 2006

I checked my emails today and after getting rid of the spam and those list-emails that I subscribe to, I read this email (about 2 or 3 times) that I had been linked to from one of the main news outlet in the US for a blogger column.

I am a small time blogger and will with all probability stay that way 🙂 so it feel weird to be linked through.

But if it is on da web then it is available to anyone and everyone.

For any new readers: Hiya!

Good girl

Tuesday, November 7 2006

Britney does the right thing!

Britney Spears files for divorce.

Another little party

Tuesday, November 7 2006

MS has launched a neat thing today, maps with a 3D environment and it looks great. It is called Live  Search. 

The commercial possibilities are so many, I can see the whole travel industry, news org for breaking news etc using these. MS owns this data but the apps are free (if I understand it right). So far they have mapped 15 US cities properly but they more countries as well but not yet at such details.

Here some of my pics (yes, more is at Flickr)

IMG_0852 IMG_0848

MS handed out a Goodybag which had a 40gig HD with some pics, videos etc and here are two;

Downtown SF

And ads can & will be used as well.


Election time

Sunday, November 5 2006

It is local (and state and national) election time here in SF and they seem to be voting on everything. How can the voters keep track of all these candidates??

The one I am most curious about is “Black for Supervisor” Supervisor of what exactly?? I know I could look it but I rather get Cap’s take on things. Cap … plz 🙂

Supervisor ........ of what???? Who?What? Someone is being funny

Vloggies 2006

Sunday, November 5 2006

The 1st annual award show for vlogs was held tonight in San Francisco.

For me, as an anonymous blogger, vlogs is not my kind of thing. Neither do I was watch vlogs, well except lonelygirl15 thanks to Slim, but MH (a non-vlogger too) had received an invite so we went.

It was a good atmosphere but the only thing / name I recognized was Rooketboom.

The one thing I took away from it was “Alive in Baghdad” – vlogs from Iraqis tell the world uncensored what that have been through. I am taking this as face value since I have not checked it out myself but the crowd gave them the outmost respect.

My rather meaningless pics is over at my Flickr.


Point out a security risk …

Thursday, November 2 2006

and FBI raids your home and take your computer.

This is what happened to Christopher Soghoian, PhD student at Indiana University.

Airliners prefer if the customers print out their boarding cards at home – needless to say this is a security risk = less checks on the passengers. The airliners says the last check will be before the gate, which is true. But this would allow terrorist to go through security and one less check on them. Next time it might not be a bomb, it might just be a biological or a virus that spreads among humans.

Christopher Soghoian showed how easy it is to build a web appl to print the boarding cards for Northwestern. His site has been taken down by the FBI.

FBI raids his home and takes the computer which in itself is real stupid cos backup can be anywhere. Why not contact him and work with him to highlight the security risk and get the airliner to do their own work??

It is not very productive to hassle the guy that are trying to help. It is a real knee-jerk reaction from the FBI.

Halloween @ Castro

Thursday, November 2 2006

I’d like to start with apologising – due to complete and utterly ignorance – for bad mooting the American holiday Halloween based on the fact what I have seen in the UK.

I am s o r r y !!

I have now seen Halloween in the US and it was so fun. People dressing up, putting in such an effort into it, and walking around in the costumes during the day and they were fab!

In the evening, we went to Castro to watch the people. All my pics are over at my Flickr but these are my fav:

THE best one of the night Super good Paris 'n' Nicole

Update: And after we left, 9 people got shot in Castro.