Wednesday, November 22 2006

I have got a cold and it feels like I have two tennis balls at the back of my throat …. oh ok ping pong balls then. This was a given though, when you move to a new country there is a whole new set of bacteria to get used to.

My choice of pain killers is paracetalmol or as it is called in the US: Aceraminophen. I don’t do aspirin or ibuprofen – another bad experience. After I bought the pills in Walhgrens (the US version of Boots hey I just found that out that Boots has teamed up with Target) and was told “This is what it is called here”, I had to do a google for it just be sure.

Finally, it looks like we will have internet at home. That has been a struggle between out ISP, one middleman and AT&T to get it done. MH has been on hold for several 30 min calls when he calls our ISP, who has to call the middleman and they in turn has to get hold of AT&T cos they will only speak to their customer. Somewhere there is a problem with the wiring. We are currently not receiving the full speed of 6meg but we are on safemode are receiving 4meg … something is better then nothing. Ridiculous expensive compared to the UK.

Last Sunday, we went on a impromptu night sightseeing with some friends. I took some really dark, unclear pics which is over @ Flickr.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Not 100% sure what it is all about (the Indians gave the settlers food/turkey??) but I can for sure say it is a big thing for the Americans 🙂 it is busy everywhere. The best part for me, it is some sort sale on Friday … Black Friday.

I know I am rambling but I have to admit something … I just did a ‘bag-lady’ thing in the Bin (US: trash) room. Coca cola is running a promo thing that you get points for each box or bottle you buy. I have registered online and I saw the multipack Diet coke box in the bin room so I helped myself to that code and registered it online.

One more thing, for some reason the SF Chronicles appears outside our door on Sundays and when it arrives, I go coupon hunting 😉 I found $10 off from Whole Food.

7 Responses to “Safemode”

  1. Slim Says:

    A cold… that sucks. Hope you get well soon.

    Holy crap! You have a 6 meg connection! I’d KILL for that!

  2. Lizze Says:

    In London we could get up to 24meg (depending on how close one was to the exchange) for £24 month … we were around the 7-8meg mark
    Here we pay much mega more for just a bit less speed.

    I have to admit it is a good speed compare to the leaching of oversubscribed free wifi account. I am back online again 🙂

    Now MH is installing the necessary protection so that we can get on with bit torrent 😉

  3. sam Says:

    Hmm…Id have thought that boadband would be dirt cheap in america !

    Are you having thanksgiving pie ?

  4. capricorncringe Says:

    I have no idea what 6 megs means.

    Thanksgiving: Indians (Native Americans, etc etc) had a feast with the starving Puritans. It’s actually taken from you Brits when you exiled such nice, docile, sweet people to America lol. Anyway, it’s a celebration of the end of the harvest season, that’s why it’s in November. When my nice, docile, sweet ancestors got here, they had nothing – and the Indians shared. They gave thanks to God – that’s how it got its American name.

    Black Friday: Oh wow. “Some sort of sale” is right. It’s the single biggest shopping day of the year. Everyone is off Thursday and Friday. So 300 million people will start their Christmas shopping on Friday. Good luck to you 🙂

    I’m a big fan of naproxen sodium (Aleve). Try it. You’ll never go back to anything else 🙂

  5. desmond Says:

    I suggest Lizzie you hire a private nurse if your cold gets worse. There are hundreds of thousands Filipina nurse out there in your area and I will bet you’ll find them as the most caring individual anywhere else 🙂

    I’m not blogging much for months since I’m very busy with my work.

    anyway hope you recover soon.

  6. Lizze Says:

    I hear the Black Friday starts at midnight at a few places …. that is 1h18min to go. We are going to 5check it out with some friends 🙂

    Right, I might just try your drug suggestion when I run out of the current pills I am taking.

    Thanks desmond 🙂

  7. Slim Says:

    Welcome back! You’ve been gone too long.

    In India, we do have “broadband” connections, but they’re slow as hell. And the cost… lets just say its unbelievable.