Election time

Sunday, November 5 2006

It is local (and state and national) election time here in SF and they seem to be voting on everything. How can the voters keep track of all these candidates??

The one I am most curious about is “Black for Supervisor” Supervisor of what exactly?? I know I could look it but I rather get Cap’s take on things. Cap … plz 🙂

Supervisor ........ of what???? Who?What? Someone is being funny

6 Responses to “Election time”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    It’s a local issue – I have no idea what a supervisor is or does.

    But I looked at SFGate.com and found this article http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/08/01/BAGFLK8UEQ1.DTL

    It appears that the city (or county) is divided into districts, each with a supervisor. Supervisors apparently work with the Mayor and City Hall, according to the article.

    I’m still curious, but my lunch hour is over …

  2. Slim Says:

    Are there any porn star politicians campaigning in SF? 😛

  3. Ekawaaz Says:

    Ah slim you seem much more curious about Porn star then Election isnt it? lol Never heard Supervisor elction UK so no Idea at all, Will read capri link later to get more idea.

  4. Lizze Says:

    Thx Cap, that was a good link. I thought it was the same structure for all of America but when reading your comment, I should have known better. Are you going to vote tomorrow?

    Since I don’t have a TV, I am completely cut off from the high-pumped US news.

  5. capricorncringe Says:

    If every American city was managed the same way, it would make it easy for everyone … and we will NEVER make it easy! 🙂

    You don’t need a tv – even with cable or satellite, there’s nothing good on. Except Survivor … or Gilmore Girls …

    Yes, I am going to vote. I’m going to vote twice if they’ll let me. 😀

  6. Lizze Says:

    I always vote when I can except for the European parliament (it is NOT a parliament!!)

    I miss loads of TV or bittorrent or to be accurate; Veronica Marsh, Weeds, Lost, Des, Housewives (but I am going off it), Eureka and the supergood BBC Spooks. And this is just from the top of my memory.

    And I got a tip that Firefly is v good so I want to see that.

    I don’t miss the US TV news, the only thing that fascinates me is radar screen of the weather so you get it rained on 4th and 5th street but sunny of 6th street.