Point out a security risk …

Thursday, November 2 2006

and FBI raids your home and take your computer.

This is what happened to Christopher Soghoian, PhD student at Indiana University.

Airliners prefer if the customers print out their boarding cards at home – needless to say this is a security risk = less checks on the passengers. The airliners says the last check will be before the gate, which is true. But this would allow terrorist to go through security and one less check on them. Next time it might not be a bomb, it might just be a biological or a virus that spreads among humans.

Christopher Soghoian showed how easy it is to build a web appl to print the boarding cards for Northwestern. His site has been taken down by the FBI.

FBI raids his home and takes the computer which in itself is real stupid cos backup can be anywhere. Why not contact him and work with him to highlight the security risk and get the airliner to do their own work??

It is not very productive to hassle the guy that are trying to help. It is a real knee-jerk reaction from the FBI.

4 Responses to “Point out a security risk …”

  1. Ekawaaz Says:

    They cant work with this guy, as it will bring shame on them.Ego problem I guess.

  2. Slim Says:

    Ego problem indeed. I never expected that from the FBI though.

    But terrorists have been succeeding even without this security risk. This will just help them newbie and wannabe terrorists.

  3. Jay Says:

    Paranoia.. and FBI didnt or end start with X-files.

  4. Lizze Says:

    Yes, the terrorist can pass through with the right boarding card, I agree. But let them print it out makes it dangerously easy for them.