Thursday, November 30 2006

Where can I find a good hairdresser that charge a decent price in San Francisco?

I don’t particular like to go to the hairdresser on a good day, but I can’t ignore the 1″+ roots anymore. Need to get this sorted.

This being SF so much stuff is online, there are loads of reviews of different places. It looks like I am going to have to pay around $200 (yes, Cap … I know, I chose to live in one of the most expensive US cities) but still *ugh* and *ugh* again


Wednesday, November 29 2006

You’ll thank me later

No longer a eBay virgin :(

Tuesday, November 28 2006

Sadly, I had (just had to) to buy something from eBay yesterday – a very specific Xmas gift request was received. I have resisted for so long cos I am soooo suspicion about the whole eBay / Paypal thing and being inundated by spam & phishing attempts.

The first of the PS3 got sold yesterday for the Buy It Now price … to a scammer. “please send the item to a consulate in Africa” response. From UK and where the post code, street name and tel.number did not match up.

eBay does not seem to have a function to report obvious scams so the option is to wait 4 days (non-payment) and then get the fees back from eBay.

A bit late but this has been a weird, upside down weekend and I put the blame firmly on MH.

The good bit is that he got us tickets to Prodigy‘s concert last Friday. They fucking rocked and the crowded was so hyped & pumped – all together this is one of the best thing I have ever seen. The venue, The Fillmore, was perfect. The only odd thing was the people behind be lighting up some joints … to this high energy music – they totally didn’t get it!

Prodigy live - fu*king rocks man

And now to the bad bit, on Friday aka Black Friday … the shopping day of the year, what do I do? Being present in a queue to buy PS3 and that is one of the most boring thing I have ever done and will not do again. Ever.

Sony, in their infinite stupidity, has only 2 (yes two) tills open. There are few hundred customers queuing up and they don’t bring in any extra staff. One of the tills was designated to the other customer cos “this is the biggest shopping day of the year and we can’t let those customer down” as the dude told me when I am at the front of the queue. Yes of course I had to fucking complain to him, I had been there since 6.45 am and it was now 2pm and the doors had open at 10am. Never mind the people that are guaranteed to spend at least $500 for each PS3. Sony has really lost it in so many levels.

Why was I there? Not sure myself, but as I said, it is MH fault – I know that much. He said that me presence was necessary. I shall not listen to him again.

Also, if you want to buy a 20gig Playstation 3, Playstation3, PS3(I am thinking of Goggle indexing here people), sealed boxes and all that for the right price, feel free to email me akalizze at

PS3 x 4

Otherwise, they will be on eBay.

Want a new job?

Sunday, November 26 2006

Please do not take this test.

A theory – by me

Thursday, November 23 2006

I have just seen the new James Bond Casino Royale (slim – plz keep on reading…) and it was different which is good in my view. And Daniel Craig is well fit in this movie.

But something else stood out, the composition of the (American) audience. In the UK the rating for the film is 12A (anyone who is 12 years old must be accompanied with an adult, 11 years old and less not not allowed to see this film) … here people had their kids with them, like 6-10 year olds.

I find that unsuitable and quite frankly fucking annoying to hear a toddler whining during the film.

To my theory … in general the Americans gets their knickers in a twist when it comes to sex and/or nude scenes, violence has always seemed ok.

They bring their kids to see grown-up film (can’t use the word adult films cos that means something different 😉 ) and have this issue that their kids are going to be exposed to sexual behavior. The pressure seem to be that even if it is a grown-up film it still has to be adjusted to the minimum common denominator for the kids.

I think it is damn stupid to bring kids to films like this both for the violence, the action and for the sex scenes.


Wednesday, November 22 2006

I have got a cold and it feels like I have two tennis balls at the back of my throat …. oh ok ping pong balls then. This was a given though, when you move to a new country there is a whole new set of bacteria to get used to.

My choice of pain killers is paracetalmol or as it is called in the US: Aceraminophen. I don’t do aspirin or ibuprofen – another bad experience. After I bought the pills in Walhgrens (the US version of Boots hey I just found that out that Boots has teamed up with Target) and was told “This is what it is called here”, I had to do a google for it just be sure.

Finally, it looks like we will have internet at home. That has been a struggle between out ISP, one middleman and AT&T to get it done. MH has been on hold for several 30 min calls when he calls our ISP, who has to call the middleman and they in turn has to get hold of AT&T cos they will only speak to their customer. Somewhere there is a problem with the wiring. We are currently not receiving the full speed of 6meg but we are on safemode are receiving 4meg … something is better then nothing. Ridiculous expensive compared to the UK.

Last Sunday, we went on a impromptu night sightseeing with some friends. I took some really dark, unclear pics which is over @ Flickr.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Not 100% sure what it is all about (the Indians gave the settlers food/turkey??) but I can for sure say it is a big thing for the Americans 🙂 it is busy everywhere. The best part for me, it is some sort sale on Friday … Black Friday.

I know I am rambling but I have to admit something … I just did a ‘bag-lady’ thing in the Bin (US: trash) room. Coca cola is running a promo thing that you get points for each box or bottle you buy. I have registered online and I saw the multipack Diet coke box in the bin room so I helped myself to that code and registered it online.

One more thing, for some reason the SF Chronicles appears outside our door on Sundays and when it arrives, I go coupon hunting 😉 I found $10 off from Whole Food.


Friday, November 17 2006

… a student, Mostafa Tabatabai 23 years old, get tazed’d at least twice when handcuffed. Whoever filmed this, well done for putting it on YouTube and not selling the rights.

Have a look … it is v.unpleasant

I hope the right people get named & shamed and get sued so it hurts real bad and also get a taste of their own medicine.

Done it … with pleasure

Friday, November 17 2006

I have finished reading the book from the blogger of Anonymous Lawyer,Good book, it is

and it didn’t disappoint but I wanted more! More evilness, more intrigues, more emails, more pages … just more of everything 😉

Just in case

Friday, November 17 2006

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