Nobel peace prize

Friday, October 13 2006

A very good decision has been taken by the committee by given the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize to Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bankfor their efforts to create economic and social development from below. Lasting peace can not be achieved unless large population groups find ways in which to break out of poverty.”

This help for people to help themselves.

This is a proper deserving recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, not any old celeb like Bono, Geldof or I heard that even Oprah was thought to be in the running. These people are doing good too but not in the scale of Muhammad Yunus.

A bit of guilt

Friday, October 13 2006

I’m loaded.
It’s official.
I’m the 53,421,680 richest person on earth!

How rich are you? >>>>


Ok so I entered the info as if I was working at my old job. Initial reaction was guilt and that is what the people behind the website wants. The little man pic was definitely more effective on the guilt creation with the 0,89% as a close second.

Here I am worrying about not getting the flat rented out, whereas there is a lot of people that face much worse worries in there everyday life.

Still, I am worrying about not getting the flat rented out. Too little interest has been shown and as our beloved market economy dictates, I have to lower the price. These are my problems – like it or not.

Me (and Cap)

Tuesday, October 10 2006


To state the obvious, Cap(ricorncringe) has a more significant place in this then me … my ego is hurting πŸ˜‰

Now head to Cap’s blog (which is the inspiration to this post) and check out the same pattern.

Bit torrent, love it

Monday, October 9 2006

The best thing with bit torrent is that I can watch my TV shows / films when I want to.

Also, Miss impatience here can fast forward when she gets a bit bored.

The new season of Desperate Housewives is not as good as before and I have started FF sections when Teri/Susan is about to shag that English guy.

Just watched the last episode of Flavor of Love. It is good but cringey and I am rooting for New York cos she is nuts. Anyone that wants to kiss Flavor is mad though.

Weeds is super and very funny. Laguna Beach and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader are good watching too.

I saw Doom yesterday, great quality and perfectly alright film. Crank is great film and must be a 18++++ rating πŸ™‚

Still to watch all episodes of Spooks, Ghost Whisperer and Prison Break.

Most unexpected sex site

Saturday, October 7 2006

*still laughing*

I like Blogger’s “Next Blog” button, I like random – always have so the choice was to go back to packing or do some random blog jumping, I choose the later. (Explanation done πŸ™‚ )

I ended up here – it was most unexpected LMAO

I give up on Thunderbird

Saturday, October 7 2006

I have changed over to gmail since Mozilla’s Thunderbird was really getting on my nerves, after staying at home for a week.

I managed to do the right changes on the cpanel, with a bit luck πŸ˜‰ MH checked it for me cos I was not certain I got it right.

The good thing I see less spam on gmail but the other side is the ads and I feel supervised what I am emailing about.

I am doing some more packing *sigh* tonight. 

A couple of people have looked at the flat today but not the right ones. Why is it that estate agents don’t listen? One estate agent that contacted me, even though the ad said no agents, has a reasonable fee but entered one bedroom too many so people expectations when viewing the flat were wrong.

And then there is the fucking spammers that is actually insulting me cos the can not get it right. Fucking money laundering attempts, how stupid do they think I am?

Is there anyway to spam the spammers??


Friday, October 6 2006

I am waiting for this person to come and view the flat. She said around 10am and it is now 10.30.

The ad in the paper got edited and they took off some vital information like how many bedrooms πŸ™ I might have messed it up as well.

I just hope we get our flat rented out and as soon as possible with the right person(s). I just want to finish the packing, book my tickets and head off to SF.

I am not always the most patient  person but this is taking longer then expected.

I can’t cook or …

Wednesday, October 4 2006

I really don’t like cooking depending on how you see it. I also get very insulted by the damn smoke alarm – located outside the kitchen!

I wanted a snack in the middle of the v boring packing business so I decided to do some chips aka fries. How difficult is that? In the over for some 16 min and then hey presto done. I open the oven, letting the heat out in kitchen and then smoke alarm goes off.

So now I have to open the windows and letting the cold air in. At least, it was not so bad that I had take out the batteries.

Anyway, during the snack I caught the end bit of “TV programs that tried to stop” Well done BBC! They came on the top stop with airing the Jerry Spring Opera. One old hag said “I pay their wages, they are my servants and I do not want them to air such filth”

Y’old bitch, it was 22,000 or 45,000 that complained and the rest of us in millions were happy for the BBC to air it. Good on them!

For you non-Brits out there, BBC is mainly founded through licence fee from each household that has a TV. It is the law that everyone has to paid it – £116 per year last time around, I think.

That gives everyone a right to be discontent but the added bonus is that BBC is unbiased as it can be. It is good that all sides are complaining on BBC, it means they are doing their job right.


Monday, October 2 2006

Urban Dictionary has a def of Lizze.

I laughed so much when I read it. So so funny but not true, obviously.

So how did I find out about this? Well, I am nosey and I use Google Analytics to find more about you.

I did a Google search for the top 5 keyword of how people have found my blog and one thing lead to another.

Bestest Monday in a long time

Monday, October 2 2006

Sorry but I just have to write this post. Monday and not being at work = fabulous

It really started on Sunday evening and with the fact that I was not thinking “oh no, I have to go to work tomorrow”.

Yes, yes I am well aware of when it is end of the month and no money coming to my bank account – I won’t be so happy. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the benefits from my situation.