First one done

Tuesday, October 31 2006

I knew this would happened, me confusing an American. I am not quite sure how to keep tab of some of these, for me anyway, amusing moments.

I had been at the new office, assembling loads of IKEA furniture and at the end of day was v tired and thirsty. Later on, we went in to a shopping center and I so wanted a Diet Coke. I found a stall but I first had to make sure that they sold Coke and not Pepsi. After that was done, I wanted to queue up and was not certain of how this queue worked so I asked:

“Sorry, am I cutting the queue?”

Reply: stare with a confused What?

Me: The queue, is this the way the queue goes or am I cutting the queue?

Reply: eeeeeeeeee … is that a a a British expression?

The guy’s friend: She means Line

Me: Ah, I see. It is called Line here. Oh Ok. Is this the way the Line goes?

Another thing to get used to is that all prices is without Sales tax! I am guessing the sales tax is different in each state. In CA it is 8,5% compared to the UK is 17,5%

And the coins … the 5 cent is much bigger then 10 cent. Dime is a 10 cent and a nickel is 5 cent?

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  1. capricorncringe Says:

    You either get in line or you get on line … depending on which part of the country you’re in. LOL

    Sales tax is different in each state – it’s around 6% in Missouri. I should probably look it up and know for certain, but I’m rich according to your poll a few posts ago. LOL

    Oh, these posts are going to be VERY amusing! Can’t wait for more.

    It’s funny (or odd. here we go again) that I find myself re-wording things when I’m typing at you or Slim. I know you both speak English (and that is proper!) as opposed to American (which annoys me, even when I do it). heheheheh

  2. capricorncringe Says:

    PS If your question about the coins was not rhetorical … yes, you are correct. A dime is .10 cents and a nickel is .05 cents. Unless you’re talking about pot (weed, mary jane, marijuana) in 1985, a nickel bag was 5 dollars and a dime bag was 10 dollars. Not that I knew the price or anything. Not that I was even alive in 1985 or anything.

    This is cracking me up!

  3. Lizze Says:

    Ah thx, no it was not a rhetorical question – I was confused.

    LOL can I get the 2006 prices and term for nickel & dime bags? Cap – you are 179 years old, you were live & kickin’ in 1985 so don’t give this bullshit 😉

    And I bought a sandwich from a Deli today for lunch … how many question is there to be asked eh? I could not understand her accent (Asian of some sort) and it was so many questions for her to ask … all I wanted was tuna egg sandwich. I pissed her off cos she had to repeat the questions so many times and in the end I was ignoring her.

    Are you in a different time zone then me? I am in Pacific, 8 hours from the London time zone.

    And WHY are giving me Missouri (where that is) sales tax??? You are in Kansas and me in Ca? Now you are confusing me LOL

  4. capricorncringe Says:

    I live in Missouri. I work in Kansas. I live very close to the state line between the states.
    There is a Kansas City Missouri and a Kansas City Kansas.
    I am 2 hours ahead of you – 6 hours behind London.

    I am 179, but I don’t look one day over 143.

    You should be able to get an ounce of pot, in your area, for $150-ish. Of course I’m just guessing. LOL I can get you a cheap ounce for $100 here. I mean, that’s what people tell me because of course I don’t KNOW.

    I don’t think anyone says dime bag anymore. I’m old, as you pointed out 😉

  5. Lizze Says:

    Aha 🙂
    Why is there two Kansas City … in two states?? Odd, weird or whatever.
    Hey for $50 it is worth you sending da stuff to me LOL sadly my only drug I am doing is Diet Coke (legal)

    Another thing (these two words are so going to be used in the coming posts) is that I am on the Metric system – y’know the logical one where everything is in 10th not this damn strange Imperial system with onces, stones, scones or any other un-logical measurement. Walking around in a grocery store and reading the labels are just Greek to me.

  6. Slim Says:

    Just as I thought, LOL! I can’t wait for more similar posts 😀

    Cap, I’m used to American English. I’ve been hanging out with American friends online for about 2+ years ;).

  7. capricorncringe Says:

    Oh, I forgot about the metric system … which made no sense to me anyway. You should be able to find a conversion chart online somewhere.

  8. gemma Says:

    ‘cutting the queue’..???
    is that meant to be an english expression? jumping the queue this the end of the queue maybe.. but seriously, if you’re english be english..what the fuck are you saying? are you english, american or just a complete fake?

  9. Ekawaaz Says:

    I still remember few emberrasing moments I had when I was in states because of these words. Second day of my work I asked one lady in office, do you have rubber as I need one, Jesus I still cant forget her eyes I thought she gonna kill me. So I went back to my desk and start wondering why she looked at me like this. Didnt find rubber whole day, went back to flat and I told my flat mate who was American about this, and he cant stop laughing at me. he told me in US rubber means condom …FFFFF…UU….so finally i realize and understand why tha cute lady gave me that bloody killing looks..

    ” In the UK a rubber is a pencil eraser. In the US, it is a condom.”

  10. Lizze Says:

    Ekawaaz – that is so funny 🙂
    That was probably the last thing that woman excepted you to ask about.