Saturday, October 28 2006

Someone (who??? … must find out) has sat down and done a real good script to this third film. It ties up with the previous films in a superb way. And it is gruesome, like in “don’t eat before you see it”.

MH said that he thought someone actually puked in the cinema (US: theater). Me … I was busy holding my fingers in my ears to hear that. It is the sounds that I find really really scary therefore I keep holding ears.

But this film pushed my limit for visual goriness. It was a ….. let say medical procedure … that got me looking at my knees and going “oh fuck” etc.

The pace of the film is excellent and the only has one logical flaw. But thinking about it, that could be deliberate cos I got really into the film and muttering “Oh come on, just do it like that this”

6 Responses to “SAW III”

  1. capricorncringe Says:


    I never got past Psycho – and that was only Hershey’s chocolate syrup running down the drain in the shower scene.

    I like happy movies with happy endings.

  2. Slim Says:

    Oh, I saw SAW I a few days ago. Was good. I need to catch up on II and III.

    LOL Cap, I bet you cried when you saw Titanic 😛

  3. capricorncringe Says:

    I didn’t see Titanic. I know how it ended, though. 🙂

  4. Newsha Says:

    Hi Lizze, how are you doing?:) wow! It has been a long time since I heard from you. how’s everything?!
    UH! about SAw! Well you know I’m hardly scared! I tried to watch SAW I or maybe II! I fell asleep during the film! I’m sorry:(

  5. Ekawaaz Says:

    HI Lizze,

    hope you doing all right and had nice weekend in SF:) So you recon SAW III? First I have to catch up SAw II 🙂 then only I can move to III.

  6. Jay Says:

    Just a few days Back .. i told some1 so vehemently .. SAW III doesnt exist :|.. damn .. should have read here b4.