Update: General plan

Thursday, October 19 2006

They came and the signed the Lease.

I am out of the flat and they are in. This evening (staying with friends) I have been looking at the clock and wondering what are they doing now? Other then that, I have had no problem handing it over to them. One or two “this is my last night in this flat for a year” but nothing major.

I have booked my tickets to SF but I am not going to tell you when, a girl need some privacy 😉

I am so f u c k i n g tired now. I have been dragging v heavy luggage through the tube. Those stairs at Liverpool St Station is a killer and today I missed the tube with 10 sec. But I was sort ok with it cos another would come.

LOL you should have seen this morning though, I was stressed and snapped at my fellow Londoners. I was going to meet some friends at lunch and before that it was cleaning to do, bank the deposit & rent chqs and find a US=>UK adapter so that I could recharge my digital camera and finish taking all those pic of the flat (to prove the state it was left in, no sentimental reasons).

Some tourist was taking forever at the Oystercard machine (I had a neg balance and needed to sort it out before I went through the gates) people was huffing and puffing – when on the tube, zero patience is the level for most – he finally gets it done, the girl in front of me steps up to the machine sees that he has left his receipt and starts waving “Excuse me you forg…” Me: NEVERMIND, just get on with it! 15 sec she turns around ask me if I know how to get a weekly ticket Me: No, not really. She gets on with it.

I finally left the flat just before 16 and managed go on the tube before the peak traveled had started. I was secretly hoping that someone would challenge me why I had put my luggage on the seat cos I needed some “letting off steam” but no luck.

Apparently SF people are v laid back and  not so direct and that is something new that I have to think of.

And oh, a bit more of my neighbor K 🙂 I hadn’t eaten anything all day yesterday and when the tenants had left, I popped over to K. I started to relax and felt how hungry I was. I asked her if she had eaten (around 23 o’clock), K: Yes. Are you hungry? Me: Yes K: I’ll make you sandwich. I have fillings, ciabatta bread. She made me a stellar sandwich. She is so the greatest neighbor ever. She fed me when in need 🙂

8 Responses to “Update: General plan”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    The countdown has started … you’re on your way. I’m so excited for you … I think this move is fabulous.

    I’ll know when you arrive even if you don’t tell anyone. The earth will shift on its axis 😉

  2. Lizze Says:

    LOL I aint that heavy 😉

    Once the right person walked through the door it all went so quickly.

    It feels fab to have it done and can move on to the US. I am so curious to live there and meet the people.

  3. Ekawaaz Says:

    Wow..Lizz..well done you managed every thing very well. Livepool street station lol its so rushii..just like oxford station. I hate travelling to these station loads smelly people lol:) Well Lizz I wish you all good luck and thanks alot for sharing your relocation story. Hope you will have lovely journey. Have a safe…one:)

  4. Slim Says:

    LOL! Carrying heavy luggage down three floors. That sucks. But I’m happy for you everything went fine.

    By the way, whats a ‘tube’?

  5. Lizze Says:

    Thanks 🙂
    Oxford station is worse cos there is more tourists (=slow walkers) around whereas Liverpool St has more city communters that rush around.
    But those stairs *ugh* glad all that is done.

    The tube is what we call the London Underground trains.

  6. Slim Says:

    Ohh. It looks awesome. We have one of those in our capital I guess.

    Yeah, I feel ya. I hate it when people take their own time walking in a busy station.

  7. capricorncringe Says:

    You’re on your way to SF right now (102206) I can feel it. The earth is tilting. And no, not cuz you’re fat, smartass, cuz you’re not. It’s tilting because 2 people are now out of their (London) element. I don’t know. I’m drunk again.

  8. Lizze Says:

    Hehe … you are drunk. I am still in London but soon, v soon.

    I have not been posting anything cos eh well I lost something so I have been searching and searching. This morning I had crawl to the cross to confence and see if I could get a copy of it.