My neighbor K

Monday, October 16 2006

So I have been over at my neighbor K for the last two evenings to catch up and to getting closer to the goodbyes too.

I never thought I would say this but this is a neighbor that I really really like. But first time I saw her I thought she was too mad. I was right of course 😉 but she is great.

She have this guy @ work (another office) that she is flirting more then normal with. He has made some noises about coming down to London a day or two early so we were chatting about that yesterday, about what he really meant. Girl talk.

I suggested that she should take him to this restaurant (best meat in London) and ask him if this is something that he would like. So today that had a chat on the phone and he told that he is coming down to London etc etc K then ask this super good question:

“Do you like meat?”

Aaaa, it could mean more then one thing but she meant it like “Do you eat meat?” and his answer was Yes.

K goes around to Columbia Flower Market every so often and last time she has bought this cool Halloween Bouquet that I took some pics of (as one does).

Halloween bouquet

Halloween bouquet

13 Responses to “My neighbor K”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    Not that this has anything to do with anything, but … I find the last birthday card the love of my life (whose name is K. and whom I called K for short)gave me. I go into mourning ALL OVER AGAIN. I hear songs we liked. I hear jokes I would love to share with her. I dream about her. And just when I think I am over it (again), I read a post with the name K in it.

    Sometimes I think the world is conspiring to make. me. crazy.

    Or not. 🙂

  2. Lizze Says:

    Oh honey that is a bit too much in a short space of time. And sometimes the world is conspiring *fact*

    I think you would like my K. She has a this positive energy and I just gets happy being around her. Added bonus is that she is so funny and I always LOL when I am with her.

  3. capricorncringe Says:

    It’s odd … I can go months without dwelling on it (but it’s always there, beneath the surface), but then one thing happens that starts an emotional avalanche. God, you’d think I was 14. LOL

  4. Lizze Says:

    Most people have a sticky one from the past. But if you found someone new (not just anyone) that is right for you then I think you will get over K and spend your energy on something more positive.

    There is this wide gap between theory and reality though 😉

  5. capricorncringe Says:

    maybe we could have this conversation in an email?? I think it would be easier .. and more private. I don’t want Slim reading about my ex girlfriend woes LOL

  6. Lizze's Significant Other Says:

    Nice halloween bouquet. The Americans are mad for Halloween over here – but it doesn’t have the negative/nasty conitations it does in London.

    No doubt kids will be setting off fireworks in the street, etc — here it’s parades and proper parties. Not that I’m going to any myself – bar humbug.

    Say hi to K from me – I’m glad to hear the developments with her mystery man!

  7. Slim Says:

    Yeah, there aren’t a lot of likable neighbors left these days.

    Cap, LMFAO! I gotta admit it was getting a bit interesting… *giggle* 😛

  8. Ekawaaz Says:

    Very well said:)
    “Sometimes I think the world is conspiring to make. me. crazy”

    Even I think some time…..

    Lovely flower, you lucky that you got nice lovely neighbors. Mine is but their daughter, she is nice and hot:) she normally come to stay with my neighbors every weekend so I usally wait for weekend to say hello to my neighbors:)

  9. capricorncringe Says:

    Slim, go get your own girlfriend 😉

  10. Lizze Says:

    I have been pushing my K to get a blog THAT would be fun reading but she is too busy …. eeee living life …. to have a blog.

    Cap – slim is trying, he just need to have a second chance on the phone with her 😉

    Slim – ah that was a juicey email conversation *hehehe*

  11. Slim Says:

    Ekawaaz has a hot neighbor too. Sometimes I feel I’m the unluckiest person in the whole world. *sob* *sniff*

    Cap, I’m trying. Liz read me well lol. I don’t want to steal your 158 year old girlfriend 😛

    Liz, LOL! I’m jealous now. (Pssst, whats the possiblity of you forwarding that email to me?) Just kidding!

  12. Ekawaaz Says:

    My Neighbor is Too Hot Too Handle:) you can try are most welcome…in London

  13. Slim Says:

    Sure lol. Show her my blog and I know she will be impressed 😉