Boxes gone

Monday, October 16 2006

Things are slowly moving along. The removal company picked up the boxes with some moaning that the flat was a few floors up and it did not say so on his papers. I felt for the guy carrying (dragging down the stairs) the boxes but if this was essential info then just maybe they should have asked for this when I called about the collection.

We have a person that is interested to rent the flat so we are moving along with the reference checking etc. *fingers crossed* it all will go well and this is a good tenant.

I am now looking into get the right content insurance. I called one of the main insurance company but got turned down in the quote process (!!) cos the windows had to have a key lock which we don’t.

Keep on searching …

6 Responses to “Boxes gone”

  1. Ekawaaz Says:

    Good luck with your searching, I am sure some one will do insure, with out having lock on windows.

  2. Slim Says:

    Lol, your flat doesn’t have an elevator/lift?

  3. Lizze Says:

    Nooooooooooooooo – I’d be rich if I had received a tenner for each time I get that question!! During one of the viewings, walking up the stairs, I got the question if there was a lift in the building.

    Me: silence
    Me: thinking: what do you think, einstein???
    Me: answering: No, I am afraid not.

  4. Slim Says:

    LOL! It would be interesting to see people’s reaction when you tell them exactly what you thought… “What do you think, Einstein?” LOL!!!

    Ah, how many floors in your flat?

  5. Lizze Says:

    3rd floor so it is not that bad. Good & free exercise, right??

    And the next odd question re that damn insurance is “What is the proportion of flat roof for the building?” If I could, I would answer; what the fuck do I know??
    I want content, not building, insurance … I am going nuts here.

  6. Slim Says:

    Exactly lol, nice exercise.

    LOL! How would an innocent resident know what the ratio and proportion of the buliding is? They should be asking the damn engineer, if its that important!