Me (and Cap)

Tuesday, October 10 2006


To state the obvious, Cap(ricorncringe) has a more significant place in this then me … my ego is hurting 😉

Now head to Cap’s blog (which is the inspiration to this post) and check out the same pattern.

9 Responses to “Me (and Cap)”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    Silly girl! How is my name in a more significant spot? It’s alphabetical. If it makes you feel better, the first letter of my real name is after “L” 😉

  2. Lizze Says:

    Hon – your name was the first thing I saw when it was done and decided to do a big(ish) thing out it.

  3. Slim Says:

    “Bit torrent” is missing, hmmm.

  4. Lizze Says:

    Sex site is also not there *tsk tsk*

  5. capricorncringe Says:

    LOL I have to admit .. my name does look good 😉

    Slim, why are you still typing? Shouldn’t you be tired after having the crap slapped out of you? 🙂

  6. e Says:


    hope you keeping well, Hmm I had left comment yesterday but cant see so here once again…

    Londoner Will Do For me:)

  7. Lizze Says:

    e … you left a comment omn “Bit torrent, love it” post yesterday … is it that one you are talking about?
    I have no comments waiting under moderation.

  8. e Says:

    Nope I left comment on this topic:( Well its ok..:) no worries 🙂 Me always Uncategorized Work

  9. Slim Says:

    LOL! Right, sex site is missing too…

    Cap, I’m pretty strong. Like The Undertaker, from WWE.