Bit torrent, love it

Monday, October 9 2006

The best thing with bit torrent is that I can watch my TV shows / films when I want to.

Also, Miss impatience here can fast forward when she gets a bit bored.

The new season of Desperate Housewives is not as good as before and I have started FF sections when Teri/Susan is about to shag that English guy.

Just watched the last episode of Flavor of Love. It is good but cringey and I am rooting for New York cos she is nuts. Anyone that wants to kiss Flavor is mad though.

Weeds is super and very funny. Laguna Beach and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader are good watching too.

I saw Doom yesterday, great quality and perfectly alright film. Crank is great film and must be a 18++++ rating 🙂

Still to watch all episodes of Spooks, Ghost Whisperer and Prison Break.

5 Responses to “Bit torrent, love it”

  1. erin Says:

    was i the only one infuriated the flavor of love pulled that highlights episode? i demand resolution! my money’s on delicious and i think new york is going to get her own spin-off show. but we shall see. did you know that its vh1’s highest rated series of all time?

  2. Lizze Says:

    Two or three episodes didn’t show up on bit torrent 🙁 so I was glad to catch up. The show is mad but the highest rating on vh1??

    New York works on TV that is probably why they brought her back.

    Have you seen delicious shoulders … looks like something is growing underneath her skin … wouldn’t touch her.

  3. Ekawaaz Says:


    Hope you keeping well. Well I normally dont download from BT torrent some time its just comes with loads of virus:( very bad exper..But I want to watch few episode of Footballers Wife any idea if I can find it on torrent? Didnt follow any episodes of Desperate Housewives any good?

  4. Lizze Says: is good site for UK tv shows. It is member only but worth joining, very good stuff there.

    DH – nah I think the peak has been and I don’t find as good as it used to be.

  5. Slim Says:

    Torrent isn’t any good when I’m trying to download rare metal songs 🙁