Most unexpected sex site

Saturday, October 7 2006

*still laughing*

I like Blogger’s “Next Blog” button, I like random – always have so the choice was to go back to packing or do some random blog jumping, I choose the later. (Explanation done 🙂 )

I ended up here – it was most unexpected LMAO

20 Responses to “Most unexpected sex site”

  1. Bobby Says:

    If you like Random Blog searching, you should try my site,, its like Bloggers button, but without all the sex and foreign language blogs

  2. Ekawaaz Says:

    Dear Lizze,

    firts of all big thanks for visiting my blod and sharing your views. This my first time on your blog and really find it interesting. You got nice falir of writing. Keep posting. As I did like you blog so I am gonna add you in my Frequent Visit section hope you dont mind.

    Well I also do some search randomly some time, but I couldnt find asianmoma thing lol:) are you sure you find this blog by accident:)

  3. capricorncringe Says:

    He’s going to add you in his frequent visitor list.

  4. Lizze Says:

    Bobby – thx but this sex blog gave a good LOL. I can’t quite work out your blog, it kind of looks
    a spam blog of some sort to be honest, but you have posts and comments on there.

    Ekawaaz – thx & better luck next time you go blog jumping. just might just be in luck 🙂

    cap – hey .. I make a good first impression, right? It goes downhill from there though 😉

  5. capricorncringe Says:

    I’m still laughing, even though I realized that the person who added you to the frequent visitors list isn’t the sex blogger.

  6. Lizze Says:

    I am still laughing too.

    I made MH to check it out too and he didn’t like it at all. Me … I think it is hilarious.

  7. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    Lolz that was the least expected of all wild stuff 😛

    Haha randomness ftw 😛

  8. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    100th post?

    * Uncategorized (100)
    That was my clue, not sure 😛

    Congrats either way xD

  9. capricorncringe Says:

    men are freaked out by gay porn – unless it’s girl gay porn, which turns them on.

    Right now he’s wondering why you found that site. And he’s wondering why, after you found it, you felt the need to share it with the world on your blog. He’s also wondering why you shared it with him. And if he’s reading this, he’s wondering why he didn’t pretend to think it was as funny as you thought it was. And now he’s wondering why he didn’t think it was funny. He’s wondering if by looking at this site, it means he’s gay. He’s wondering if it’s possible to “catch” gay. He’s washing his hands. 😉

    Gay. porn. freaks. straight. men. out.

  10. Lizze Says:

    qwerty – I did around 232 posts on my Blogger’s blog so I am a bit further down the road then what it looks like 🙂

    cap – you crack me up and I am LOL when I shouldn’t. He is ok with the gay bit just not gay (male) porn. Somehow I doubt that I can get him to read this post & comments one more time LOL

  11. capricorncringe Says:

    This was highly entertaining … thanks for the post. Tell your gogeous, virile, STRAIGHT spouse that he won’t suddenly start following asian men down the street now that he’s seen a gay porn site. 🙂

    That was the best laugh i’ve had in ages. Thanks 🙂

  12. Jay Says:

    Ha ha ha ,

    Nice site…. Interesting :-?.. (proud to be old :P).

    Alonso won yay!! woot woot.

  13. Slim Says:

    LMFAO!!!! Whoever is into old, slant eyed Asian men? *rolling eyes*

    ROTFLMFAO!!!! Cap thought you were getting added in the old Asian men prono blog! OMG that cracked me up! =))


  14. Ekawaaz Says:


    Hope you keeping well, just came to check any updates. Will bounce back laters…

  15. capricorncringe Says:

    Remind me to slap the crap out of you 🙂

  16. Slim Says:

    ROTFLMFAO Cap! I’m still laughing my ass off on that one.

  17. Lizze Says:

    Me too … in the background.

    Cap – that could be another sex site to do. Slim doing his ROTFLMFAO and you trying to slap the crap out of him 🙂

  18. sam Says:

    To think I clicked :'(

  19. capricorncringe Says:

    Slim: Do not mock your elders! I have about 159 years on you.

    Lizze: I don’t care if this is your blog. Don’t encourage him!

    Sam: You’ll learn to love me in time. Or hate me. 🙂

  20. Slim Says:

    Hahahah, that would make one hell of a website =))

    Cap, yeah but OMG! It still is funny… =))