I give up on Thunderbird

Saturday, October 7 2006

I have changed over to gmail since Mozilla’s Thunderbird was really getting on my nerves, after staying at home for a week.

I managed to do the right changes on the cpanel, with a bit luck 😉 MH checked it for me cos I was not certain I got it right.

The good thing I see less spam on gmail but the other side is the ads and I feel supervised what I am emailing about.

I am doing some more packing *sigh* tonight. 

A couple of people have looked at the flat today but not the right ones. Why is it that estate agents don’t listen? One estate agent that contacted me, even though the ad said no agents, has a reasonable fee but entered one bedroom too many so people expectations when viewing the flat were wrong.

And then there is the fucking spammers that is actually insulting me cos the can not get it right. Fucking money laundering attempts, how stupid do they think I am?

Is there anyway to spam the spammers??

6 Responses to “I give up on Thunderbird”

  1. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    There was a small organization [illegal] called Blue Frog. It used to do what you ask, bomb the spammer’s servers so much that it broke or they apologized. But then, some hacker group from russia got the better of them and spammed Blue Frog so heavily that it created disruptions in the traffic online. Lol… Blue Frog ceased to exist after that saying that if they counter attack them, the net would come totally down.

    Blue Security ceased its anti-spam operation on May 16, 2006.

    Have a look 😛

    What’s wrong with Thunderbird ? You mean server mails for akalizze.com ? Am confused by the Gmail and Thunderbird comparision part :-s

  2. Lizze Says:

    Aha interesting – thx :)! It should be like hackers vs spammers … where the spammers loose of course.

    The thing that annoyed me with Thunderbird is that stops other program from minimising, it kind freezes the different windows.

    Thunderbird did show junk mail in the Inbox whereas gmail puts it in a separate folder even though it is sent to my main email address. Mind you, when I got a wordpress moderate email it went into spam so I had to “un-spam” it.

    I have more then one emails so I fwd everything to one place. That is what I had to change on the cpanel.

  3. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    Oh ok, thats a really weird problem but am in love with gmail’s interface XD

    Yahoo Mail Beta’s like Outlook which I always disliked… :[

  4. Lizze Says:

    I have to keep on login & out all the time when posting comments on blogger and/or want to check my email/calendar – I have more the one account with gmail/Google.

  5. Slim Says:

    Thunderbird is cool. There must have been some problem while the install. Re-installing it might solve the problem.

    And yes, spam is a real pain in the ass. There is a website (forget the name) run by a group of good guys, where the spammers email address is added, so they end up spamming themselves and other spammers when a spam bot reaches the website.

    Hope you find the right people for the flat soon!

  6. Jay Says:

    That’s not a genuine reply its more of a Mozilla lover speaking.

    not that i am not a mozilla lover myself.