Friday, October 6 2006

I am waiting for this person to come and view the flat. She said around 10am and it is now 10.30.

The ad in the paper got edited and they took off some vital information like how many bedrooms 🙁 I might have messed it up as well.

I just hope we get our flat rented out and as soon as possible with the right person(s). I just want to finish the packing, book my tickets and head off to SF.

I am not always the most patient  person but this is taking longer then expected.

3 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. Slim Says:

    I’d sue the paper for removing the vital information. That way, I could make some extra money 😉

  2. capricorncringe Says:

    You’ll get everything finished. You’ll move to SF. And then you’ll wonder what the hell you’ve done.

    Don’t look at me like that – I’m an optimist! 😉

  3. Lizze Says:

    Thanks I needed that 🙂

    I have been doing some more waiting, a 1pm appoitment showed up @ 2.52pm thinking that our flat had an extra bedroom – estate agent got it wrong. Waste of time…