I can’t cook or …

Wednesday, October 4 2006

I really don’t like cooking depending on how you see it. I also get very insulted by the damn smoke alarm – located outside the kitchen!

I wanted a snack in the middle of the v boring packing business so I decided to do some chips aka fries. How difficult is that? In the over for some 16 min and then hey presto done. I open the oven, letting the heat out in kitchen and then smoke alarm goes off.

So now I have to open the windows and letting the cold air in. At least, it was not so bad that I had take out the batteries.

Anyway, during the snack I caught the end bit of “TV programs that tried to stop” Well done BBC! They came on the top stop with airing the Jerry Spring Opera. One old hag said “I pay their wages, they are my servants and I do not want them to air such filth”

Y’old bitch, it was 22,000 or 45,000 that complained and the rest of us in millions were happy for the BBC to air it. Good on them!

For you non-Brits out there, BBC is mainly founded through licence fee from each household that has a TV. It is the law that everyone has to paid it – £116 per year last time around, I think.

That gives everyone a right to be discontent but the added bonus is that BBC is unbiased as it can be. It is good that all sides are complaining on BBC, it means they are doing their job right.

3 Responses to “I can’t cook or …”

  1. Jay Says:


    U brits paying .. money for watching tv .. wtf i never paid.. yeah this part of the brit world .. they implement laws at will.

    Don tell me i ain’t a brit and slim ain’t American.

    .. BBC is unbiased true.. we have already seen the CNN sh.it.

  2. Lizze Says:

    The Brits do their things their way LOL like it or not.

    I dont mind paying mainly cos I think BBC News online is very good and I get my moneys worth from that.

  3. Slim Says:

    BBC rocks. In fact any news channel thats not Fox, rocks. Lol.