We have an ad for renting out our flat since Friday pm and nothing & nobody has contacted us, well except for two spammers. Last week’s ad generated some interest and the person that we offered the flat to chose another flat.

While waiting for some emails or calls all by myself, I have been doing stuff to the flat like painting etc. I am well pleased with all of it but there is one thing that is bothering me. Why didn’t I/we do this much earlier? For ourselves and not for some tenants.

My answer is MH … he has been the restricted factor. Not cos it was his thing to do … these paintjobs falls low on his priority list.

I have done all the painting tonight, it took a few hours and the result is so so much nicer then before. It is possible to hide a lot under some paint 🙂

So why didn’t I do it???? This question has been bothering me and the answer is bothering me even more. I should have done it much earlier and I have no excuse to myself. I didn’t do it cos I didn’t want to hear all the comments from MH of how it should be done. Even though he is not going to it himself, he will get involved and start an discussion of how all the things have to be done … his way. I have shunned that discussion and therefore nothing has been done. It is bad on my part and I think it bad on his part. I need to talk to him about (or if you read this blog post, we will talk about next time on the phone).

A few months back we started to sort out the painting on the windows seals (trust me, they were mucky and on new windows) and the paint according to MH had to sanded down before any new paint could go on. But when he started sanding it was too noisy and too late. Today, I have probably broken a few general painting rules but I took kitchen/bathroom paint that has the added plus of being extra durable and just painted the damn window seals. It couldn’t be worse then what it was. But the result is real nice.

I have been nervy to do things in the flat cos I have shunned any confrontation that is likely to have happened and I am disappointed in myself. MH is not a meany or anything like that however he is opinionated with attitude “I am almost always right” and will carry his point of view strongly. My lack of actions have been a trade off of “How important is this?” vs “Is it worth taking that conversation?” and I have done this unconscious. Well, now I am aware of this and have to improve it.

I have a bit of time to get the hang of this and change my behavior, we are afterall moving in a newly painted rental flat in SF, but improvement and changes are ‘have to’.

2 Responses to “Today: Nothing but still a good day’s work with a new insight”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    Please tell him that he cannot possibly know everything … because I do. There can only be one person who knows everything – and I’m it.

    This could be a clue as to why I’m single. 🙂

    This is one of those things that you just have to decide how important it is to you and to your life together. In the meantime, you’ve got some things done that you’ve been needing to do, so feel great about that 🙂

  2. Slim Says:

    I never painted anything because its a boring job lol.