A lesson in Englishness

Tuesday, September 19 2006


Yeah man

Now you know – aren’t you happy? 😉

What do you call a chav in a suit?

The accused

No more (or v little) stress

Tuesday, September 19 2006

This morning the penny dropped that I have no more deadline to adhere to. I am not going stress out anymore with this move to SF. (disclaimer: do not hold me to this though)

I don’t have to be in SF at any particular date. I am not allowed to work, thx v much US government, so I might as well try to make the best of it.

At work, I ain’t busting my balls (don’t have any) either.

MH just is back from SF so silence is gone but it is very nice to see him again 🙂

Same product, different prices

Monday, September 18 2006

I have had look at the card transactions from the US trip. And Oh boy do I get pissed off about it – not just the fact it is always boring with bills!

The exchange rate differs hugely from different companies. For me, it is clear what card to use and not to use.

Nationwide credit card used the following exchange rate:

11 September 2006: 1.87459

AMEX on the other hand used:

12 September 2006: 1.81798

My bank, needed cash for the deposit:

11Sep06: 1.81472 + charge of £3.30/$5.99 and then $2.00 that the US bank charged me.

These difference are huge and Nationwide is way head of its competitors.

The difference in cost for the financial institutions for the card transactions in the domestic market compared with abroad is non-existent! But it is received as a value-added service so therefor they can rip their consumers off.

Take a guess

Monday, September 18 2006

If someone gets it right, I might just confirm it ;-). The 2 readers (or so) who should know the answer may not participate.

Guess where I have been … these are the clues. More over at my Flickr

Short-ish trip

Wednesday, September 13 2006

I am going to visit my family for a few days, back late Sunday evening.

I should really have done my packing by now instead I took a (long) kip and then read Heat magazine and now I am da net.

This and That

Tuesday, September 12 2006

This is a “This and That” post 🙂

I got a good kip between midday and 18.00.

capricorncringe – I used to take aspirin when going on long haul flights, it makes the blood thinner and helps prevent blood cloths. A few years ago, there was a media frenzy about this in the UK. A few health people feel down dead because they had been traveling in Cattle class.

One side effect of aspirin is that it can irritate the stomach lining and this feels like the right explanation what happened to me. I could not even keep water down.

Woohooo – Thrifty just sent through a Customer Service email – now I am going to those bastards what I think of being sold an upgrade when there are no cars available. BRB

Johannes – shall say from 2 Oct? 😉 There a brand new carpet you can sleep on.

Just so you know:

After going up this hill, our cars was smelling burnt and the cabbies behind us kept on honking the horn. On the very of of the hills was Stop signs so it wasn’t just driving up. It was slow crawl up. I couldn’t see anything and it is a damn rental car, they can deal with it.


I have upload a few more pics on Flickr.

It is now 23.07 and it is bed time again for me. Back to work tomorrow, how strange is that?

In UK now

Tuesday, September 12 2006

It is 11.01am here now but I am on SF time which is 3-4 am with no sleep to make up the difference. I did not sleep on plane. The plane was full (not that much of a problem) and delayed (yeah, that was a problem)

Even though it warm in London (much warmer then SF), am waiting for the hot water to warm up so that I can take a shower … after that I AM GOING TO SLEEP … IN MY OWN BED 🙂 *priceless*

I did not this time around take any aspirin on the plane … guess what one of the side effect of aspirin is … vomiting. Lesson learned and I better not be puking again tomorrow or today.

Good night 🙂

YES, we did it!!!

Today, Saturday, we drove around to go and see flats. A day, actually two days later then what we would have liked, we started hunting for a flat.

Absolutely everybody told us to check out Craigs list to find a place, which made MH very determined not to find a rental flat on there. And he was right, the rent was higher on there then what we found.

We took a practical approach to our first flat over here; close to the office, cheap as poss and clean. The flat is modern and in a complex. I can’t really describe the whole thing cos it is v American but it has a feel of like an hotel.

Walking between the flat and the office is max a 10 min walk 🙂

The flat is a 1 bedroom, 1 living room + with an small extra office space with open kitchen and good size bathroom. The company that owns the flats will paint it and put in a new carpet before we move in. I am a wood-floor kind of girl but I can live with a carpet that is brand new.

The flat has some sort of AC for heating as well. There is also a communal patio and gym. Washer/dryer room on each floor (not as good as the UK standard where we have it this in our flats). The price is just over $2,000/month plus utilities.

Naturally, after have been in the US for about 4 days, our credit score/history is basically nonexistence. The only thing we had to do was to pay a full months rent in deposit, which very reasonable. Plus they will pay us interest on the money.

And uhm, we have not actually paid the deposit yet but the flat has been signed on to us. We could not use out credit card so on Monday morning MH will go back be a Cashier Cheque.


Sunday, September 10 2006

These signs makes parking impossible in SF. Plus the 1000 and 1 driveways and the red marks on the pavement. It is all about collecting parking tickets.

More Flickr pics – it has been a busy day and no new interesting pics really.

Oh no … Jet lagged (I think)

Friday, September 8 2006

This is hurting my pride but I think I had a proper case of being jetlagged.

I can no longer say with a cheerful voice “I don’t really suffer from jet lagged” and that sucks is more then one ways.

Right, for you that don’t want know the details … skip to my previous post, cars & stickers.

Yesterday when I arrived and was a bit fucked but in a normal way. This morning @ 6.30 … oh dear … I knew that something was very wrong. I am a girl that on average per day drinks 2litres of water and then add a good quantity of Diet coke. I could not bring myself to drink any water even though I knew I should to.

Eventually my brain pulled rank over my stomach and I drank some bottled water. I had promised MH that I would look into alternatives to Evian since its very expensive out here. I did not like the after taste of this water (Crystal Geyser).

Where did I end up? At the toilet puking up the water. I also have a head opening head ache and stiff neck & shoulder muscles.

After that, back to bed and try to get some sleep. After awhile I tried some Mango juice … nope, that went same way too.

MH went to get some bread and Evian too.

More sleep and rest, then a mouth full of water and yes same thing happened again. Now I was quite scared. If I can’t keep any liquid then I will be in trouble. Food was not even on my radar. And to be melodramatic, you die of thirst not hunger.

Back to sleep again and when I woke up around 15.00 I felt fairly normal. Then I went out driving to Social Security office (not applicable for me yet) and after that we and got a bank account open.