Worst and final part

Sunday, September 24 2006

I don’t know if we are running out of energy or this is the worst part of the whole process, we are sorting out our own flat.

Yesterday, both of us were not really getting on with clearing and/or taking a decision what to do with some of the details. Today, we will 🙂

We are going to rent it out furnished but there is still a lot to do.

MH saw two estate agents during the week and they are charging between 12-18% for managing the flats. That is a lot and we do not have those margins.

We are going to do it privately. We also have a few contacts that have offered to put our details on their company intranet (thanks!!) so we need to take some pics of our flat. And before we can do that we need to make sure that there is a minimal of clutter in the those pics. It is going to be a lot of shifting around and we didn’t have the energy for that yesterday.

I have moved before and my stance is to through away as much as possible cos then you don’t have to deal with it later on.

I look forward to my last work day – I am going to through away all my boring work clothes. I have not bought anything new for ages and they are really not very nice.

2 Responses to “Worst and final part”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    Moving is a TON of work. I wouldn’t want to do it again soon. When I moved into this apartment, I tossed everything but bare essentials. Funny the things you think you can’t live without – until you have to think about moving it with you. 🙂

  2. Lizze Says:

    Yup 🙂 the main question is “Is it worth the effort?”