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Tuesday, September 12 2006

This is a “This and That” post 🙂

I got a good kip between midday and 18.00.

capricorncringe – I used to take aspirin when going on long haul flights, it makes the blood thinner and helps prevent blood cloths. A few years ago, there was a media frenzy about this in the UK. A few health people feel down dead because they had been traveling in Cattle class.

One side effect of aspirin is that it can irritate the stomach lining and this feels like the right explanation what happened to me. I could not even keep water down.

Woohooo – Thrifty just sent through a Customer Service email – now I am going to those bastards what I think of being sold an upgrade when there are no cars available. BRB

Johannes – shall say from 2 Oct? 😉 There a brand new carpet you can sleep on.

Just so you know:

After going up this hill, our cars was smelling burnt and the cabbies behind us kept on honking the horn. On the very of of the hills was Stop signs so it wasn’t just driving up. It was slow crawl up. I couldn’t see anything and it is a damn rental car, they can deal with it.


I have upload a few more pics on Flickr.

It is now 23.07 and it is bed time again for me. Back to work tomorrow, how strange is that?

8 Responses to “This and That”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    SF is a beautiful city.

    Thanks for the tip on the aspirin – I never would have guessed it would make me vomit. I’d have blamed the flu. Or the United States. LOL

  2. Lizze Says:


    yeah there is that too. But since I am moving there I can’t/shouldn’t really say that. But you can 🙂

    SF is different and lots to discover, I hope.

  3. capricorncringe Says:

    I think because you’re going to live here, that gives you the right to blame the government. For EVERYTHING. 🙂 Had a bad day at work? It’s the governments fault! Have a fight with your better half? The damned government!
    TFC attacked your foot while you were asleep? Government bastards!

  4. Slim Says:

    I didn’t know what kip meant, had to look it up… the definitions were interesting… before I found out it meant “sleep” 😛

    Nice pic… its kind of similar to an area in this game I play, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas :D. Nice take on that aspirin thing… I just thought it cured headaches 😛

  5. Johannes Says:

    Wow… Tsing Tao is the shit 🙂

  6. reona Says:

    I cound feel SF because of your photos.

    Thank you so much!

    Take care

  7. Lizze » Blog Archive » Safemode Says:

    […] My choice of pain killers is paracetalmol or as it is called in the US: Aceraminophen. I don’t do aspirin or ibuprofen – another bad experience. After I bought the pills in Walhgrens (the US version of Boots hey I just found that out that Boots has teamed up with Target) and was told “This is what it is called here”, I had to do a google for it just be sure. […]

  8. lizze » Blog Archive » Title needed Says:

    […] MH has a natural knack for locking after sick people. Much better then me. He knows when to do “Are you alright, mate?” and leave someone alone to have some vulnerable me time. A friend came by and turned puking-sick-can’t-move and had to stay the night. It was bad but we could take advantage having been UK tax payers and call up the health service to ask for advise. With Public service etc there is a website to consult as well: In short, after vomiting let the stomach rest an hour before trying to drink some water – I know from personal experience. […]