Oh no … Jet lagged (I think)

Friday, September 8 2006

This is hurting my pride but I think I had a proper case of being jetlagged.

I can no longer say with a cheerful voice “I don’t really suffer from jet lagged” and that sucks is more then one ways.

Right, for you that don’t want know the details … skip to my previous post, cars & stickers.

Yesterday when I arrived and was a bit fucked but in a normal way. This morning @ 6.30 … oh dear … I knew that something was very wrong. I am a girl that on average per day drinks 2litres of water and then add a good quantity of Diet coke. I could not bring myself to drink any water even though I knew I should to.

Eventually my brain pulled rank over my stomach and I drank some bottled water. I had promised MH that I would look into alternatives to Evian since its very expensive out here. I did not like the after taste of this water (Crystal Geyser).

Where did I end up? At the toilet puking up the water. I also have a head opening head ache and stiff neck & shoulder muscles.

After that, back to bed and try to get some sleep. After awhile I tried some Mango juice … nope, that went same way too.

MH went to get some bread and Evian too.

More sleep and rest, then a mouth full of water and yes same thing happened again. Now I was quite scared. If I can’t keep any liquid then I will be in trouble. Food was not even on my radar. And to be melodramatic, you die of thirst not hunger.

Back to sleep again and when I woke up around 15.00 I felt fairly normal. Then I went out driving to Social Security office (not applicable for me yet) and after that we and got a bank account open.

4 Responses to “Oh no … Jet lagged (I think)”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    That sounds like the flu … but I’ve never had jet lag, so I don’t know what the symptoms might be, other than being hellishly tired.

    If it’s the flu .. stay away from me! 🙂

  2. Lizze Says:

    Flu? Good idea … I had a like a 24 hour bug! You are a star 🙂

    Am ok now, water and diet coke is getting processed as normal *haha*

  3. Slim Says:

    Ah, never heard those as symptoms of a jet lag. Must have been something else, and it must have felt like hell. Anyway, all is well and thats what matters 😀

  4. lizze » Blog Archive » Title needed Says:

    […] MH has a natural knack for locking after sick people. Much better then me. He knows when to do “Are you alright, mate?” and leave someone alone to have some vulnerable me time. A friend came by and turned puking-sick-can’t-move and had to stay the night. It was bad but we could take advantage having been UK tax payers and call up the health service to ask for advise. With Public service etc there is a website to consult as well: nhsdirect.co.uk. In short, after vomiting let the stomach rest an hour before trying to drink some water – I know from personal experience. […]